H&H Marketplace

Below are staged decor pictures. Elements of the pictures that are for sale are listed underneath with prices. If you wish to purchase something you see, please e-mail me at hhflowerfarm@gmail.com or contact me via facebook @hhflowerfarm.

At this time, I am not set up to ship any live plants. Most other items I can set up with you to ship if you are not local but you will have to pay shipping costs. Local buyers can pick up or I can deliver (potentially for additional fee depending on location) or the item can be held back until I am at a vendor sale where you can pick up. Vendor sale information will be on my Facebook page.

All profits from the Marketplace go directly to beekeeping and pollinator conservation efforts.

Spring Centerpiece #1

Wood Tray – $10

Spring Centerpiece #2

10″ Canning Jar Rack – $10
Pint Sized Aqua Ball Mason Jars – $4 each (many available)

Laundry Display

Vintage Washboard – $15

5X7 Framed Cross-Stitch Sampler – $8

Spring Centerpiece #3

Aqua Garden Cart – $5
Mother of Thousands Plant in Terra Cotta Planter – $6

Cooking Display

Bee Skep Recipe or Picture Holder (3 Available) – $4