My First Week as a Beekeeper

I got my bees on Saturday April 18. Almost exactly one week ago. Finally after YEARS of talking about it and a year of seriously studying and prepping for it – including earning my first level certification in the Midwest Master Beekeeper Program. Finally, I have bees! Like anything that involves being a beginner –Continue reading “My First Week as a Beekeeper”

Easy $5 DIY Bird and Bee Bath

I absolutely LOVE birds. I can spend hours sitting outside listening to them and watching them and they are some of my favorite subjects to photograph (my dogs might eke out just ahead of them on my list). Last year I set up a bird feeder area in front of my house and it lookedContinue reading “Easy $5 DIY Bird and Bee Bath”

Keeping Dogs Safe in the Kitchen

So honestly I’m surprised it has taken me this long to write a post that involves my dogs. I like to refer to myself as a lovingly-involved dog mom but others may say that I’m a bit obsessed. I have quite the pack of pups – My new cooking hobby has been very fun forContinue reading “Keeping Dogs Safe in the Kitchen”

Droopy Sunflower Birdfeeder

I LOVE birds. I have 2 bird feeders in my yard and when I finally have my farm I intend to set up a bird paradise with different types of feeders and bird baths. For now, I work with what I have and I put my cute bird feeders up in my yard where IContinue reading “Droopy Sunflower Birdfeeder”