Farm Update #2: January 29, 2021

I was doing well for a while at picking one project to work on and then single-mindedly attacking that project but, alas, I am back to my old ways where I have multiple projects going at once and everything is complete chaos!

I try to justify it in that I need Nick’s help for some projects and other projects I can tackle solo but really I just let myself get a little scattered again and I need to attempt to rein myself in a little. This week I have tried to get the house areas that are not currently under construction cleaned up and a little more organized. If I can have MOST of the house in order, maybe it won’t matter as much that there are some areas of near total destruction…



You are probably wondering how sweet Larry is doing – he went back to the vet on the 22nd for a progress check on his ear mites and skin infection and the vet was blown away by how much better he is! The mites are gone and the skin infection is almost completely cleared up. We are going to do one more treatment for the ear mites on February 5th to make sure that they are really gone and then he will hopefully be given the go ahead to be around other rabbits again so I can try to find him a perfect partner to bond with!

Speaking of “partner to bond with” – we had TWO new rabbit additions at the farm this week. First was sweet Oliver, who was posted on Facebook by a Pet Supply Store when somebody dropped him off there. They needed a home for him and after seeing his sweet face I didn’t hesitate to go and pick him up. I found out that the people who dropped him off because their “kid stopped taking care of him” had gotten him from somebody else who “didn’t have time for him.” A quick examination of his teeth, claws and overall body condition tell me that this rabbit can’t be more than a year old. This poor boy has been bounced around so much. I promised him I would be his last home.

His hair is SO PERFECT! I’m in love.

Then I got a surprise call from the Humane Society. The shelter had gotten a rabbit returned that had been adopted out last year because she was being aggressive towards the child in the home. They asked if she could come stay with me and I could work on socialization for her. I said yes, as rabbits with extra needs are becoming my specialty and then through the course of talking something prompted me to ask if her name was Curly. It is LARRY’S SISTER! Larry, Moe and Curly were all surrendered at the same time last year and I was wanting to take them all but hesitant because, due to them being kept in such a small cage, Curly had turned into a bit of a bully (Moe had to have surgery due to the damage she inflicted). But with proper space I thought they might be able to come around but then Curly had already been adopted. So I took Larry and Moe. Now Moe has passed away and Curly has made her way back to us. Feels a little like fate, doesn’t it? It is not a done deal yet – I want to let Curly get acclimated here and then she is also incredibly overweight and has been given a horrible haircut so we have some work to do (and quarantines to finish) before she gets to be in the same space with Larry.

Curly looks just like Larry! Good thing does have a pronounced dewlap (flap of skin on her neck) or I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart!

Further update on Curly – I had to take her to the vet this morning for a potential GI blockage. They are keeping her today for observation and I will hopefully hear back soon. She hasn’t eaten since I got her and her poops have been very strange. All things needing to be monitored for rabbits. I will do a separate blog post on this soon!


Comet’s ear infection is back. Comet has severe allergies and chronic ear infections, something I attribute to bad breeding. I rescued Comet after he had been tied to a front porch for months on end. He was matted, dirty, overweight and had no idea how to be a dog. His health has been a bit of a struggle for us. I keep ear infection medication on hand and I am putting him through another round of treatment. If it doesn’t get better we will have to go to the vet.

How did I know he had an infection? Mostly, the smell. Ear infections have a pretty distinct odor. His ears also felt hot to the touch and were inflamed inside. Poor buddy. I need to get back on our bathing regimen for his skin as well. I was brushing him and found some flaky skin. For a while we were doing medicated baths every 2 weeks but when we moved here we didn’t have a great place set up for dog bathing. Now we installed our old stretchable shower head in our main floor bathroom so I can bath him in there again. Bath times are great – we used to treat them as our spa days and while I was waiting for the medication to soak in, I would do a face mask.

Self-Care Sunday! Medicated baths and face masks.

The other dogs are doing just fine. Liam started blowing his coat already so we are going to get him professionally groomed this time around. It takes so much of our time over several days trying to get all his loose fur out that we decided to leave it to the professionals this time around.


Earl, one of our strays, hasn’t been around in weeks but we have seen evidence or physically seen both Rory and Binx. Mila and Mordecai are still the same – spoiled as ever!


So many house projects are running through my mind right now. Each one is at a different stage. I have a list going of projects we want to do (I am constantly updating it) but some things need decisions now before it is time to actually jump in so I almost need a spreadsheet to manage everything! Hmmm…that’s actually not a bad idea. I just created a spreadsheet to track all of our financials, maybe I need one for house projects too.

Living Room

I’m trying to decorate a large mantle using just what I have around the house and it’s not going so well… We are also looking at paint samples for our living room. We have a HUGE lofted space that is currently painted just builder grade white. Boring and kind of dingy looking. I love color so we are wanting to paint the space green (like this inspiration space I found on Pinterest).

I would love to credit this picture but I cannot for the life of me find where it originated. I found it here on Pinterest.

Since we live in the woods I am going for sort of a Modern Cabin/Farmhouse type vibe in the house. I don’t have a true decorating style, I just use what I like. But overall I always think that lodges = cozy and I want a cozy and welcoming home. So I have peel and stick paint samples ordered for the living room. I have 3 samples up right now that I’m just forcing myself to live with for a bit and consider at all different times of day. I’m really not sold on any of these colors though and I think I might have to grab a bunch of samples from Menards and Lowe’s again and reconsider. Where do you go for paint?


The next project I have been working on is my pantry remodel. I shared my “sketch” for the pantry in the last Farm Update. I have now cleared out the pantry and patched all of the holes and painted. We were waiting for Menards rebates to pay for the shelving that we want but I noticed that the color I want is on sale and it is the only color of shelving on sale which worries me that they might be discontinuing it so we purchased it this morning without the rebates. The sale is significant – we will save $4 per board. We will have plenty of other projects to use the rebates on…

Kitchen Table

The table that I have had in my kitchen is a little too small (I originally bought it for my first apartment which was tiny) and I have been looking for something a little more appropriately sized for my kitchen. I found the perfect table on marketplace and Nick and I recently road tripped to get it! It just needs to be refinished but first I get to take on a project that I have ALWAYS wanted to do – find mismatched chairs to go around it! The hunt is on for 6 chairs that are different yet cohesive. So far I have found 2/6 chairs. The thrill of the hunt always gets me so I’m excited to keep finding chairs to complete my vision.


A couple of weeks ago we got a free piece of countertop out of my in-laws’ barn that I’m going to use to set up a workspace in the garage. This space will be used for so many things – seed starting, honey extracting, painting…I’m even thinking about building a canning stove out there since I have a microwave above my stove in the kitchen making canning tricky in there. I can also melt beeswax in the garage if I have a stove top. So basically this will be a multi-purpose workstation that I am very excited about. Nick gets the whole barn, I get the garage.

I will do a full blog post on the garage workstation when it is completed but the last couple of weeks have been spent cleaning, ripping out the old workbench and properly building back up and painting the walls so the workstation can be installed.


We made a decision about whether or not we are getting chickens…WE ARE! We determined that even with me going back to a full-time job that chickens were really something we want to have on the homestead. We eat a lot of eggs and we want to be able to gift friends and family with the extras. Chickens are really an important step in taking control of our food sources which is a huge goal for Nick and I for our homestead.

I am working out some other plans for our homestead including sorting through/buying seeds and planning planting dates.

What are you working on right now on your farm/homestead? What do your winters generally consist of?

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