DIY Industrial Shelf How-To + Dog Room Renovation

This room renovation was for the dogs…literally! We have a room in our basement that doesn’t count as a bedroom since there is no egress window but it is a pretty good sized room. Our three big boys do need to be crated whenever we leave and I have extra EXTRA large crates for them to give them plenty of room to stretch out but for 3 dogs that takes up quite a bit of space. We knew right away that this room would be perfect for them.

As with all of my room renovations, the first thing I did was think about the purpose of this room: to house my dogs and keep all of their supplies organized and within easy reach. By making the purpose of a room crystal clear, it helps when it comes to declutter decision time. Being an animal lover it can be hard for me to turn down every “woof” and “my best friend has paws” sign that I come across while thrifting but ultimately these items are turning into clutter. They don’t help me take care of the dogs and they just end up being something that sits in a box and collects dust. But I did have some cute items that I really wanted to make sure I displayed.

I decided that a shelving unit was the perfect way to allow me to display some of my dog items and help to provide even more storage. I have always LOVED the industrial look of the pipe and wood bookshelves. But looking online I couldn’t find them for less than $350 and I didn’t even dare look at shipping since the base cost was already out of my price range.

So what is a good DIY girl to do but figure out how to make it herself? I found several similar styles on Pinterest and between a few different blog posts and some trial and error (plus multiple trips to Menards…), I pieced together what I would need for this project. I customized my sizing to fit on the wall that I had and my bottom shelf is intentionally tall to accommodate the vintage looking IAMS tins that I have. You can easily make adjustments to the sizes of the pipes to make a shelf to fit your exact specifications!

Materials List
– Unfinished Pine 3/4″ x 7-1/2″ x 48″ Stair Risers x 4
– 18″ Black Pipe 3/4″ Nipples x 2
– 12″ Black Pipe 3/4″ Nipples x 10
– 10″ Black Pipe 3/4″ Nipples x 2
– 2″ Black Pipe 3/4″ Nipples x 2
– 90 degree Black Pipe 3/4″ Elbow Joint x 2
– Black Pipe 3/4″ Tee Joint x 6
– Black 3/4″ Floor Flange x 10
– Stain in desired wood shade (we used English Chestnut that we already had on hand from a different project)
– Black Enamel Paint (optional)

NOTE: The pipe is GREASY. You will get dirty or you can wear gloves. But also…you just will get dirty while putting this shelf together initially.

Assembly is pretty simple. Start from the bottom and work your way up.

In the following picture I have labeled what each of the parts are to make it easier for you. Start with the Floor Flange on the bottom of each side and tightly screw each piece into each other. I had to have Nick give them an extra turn at the end since he is a little more powerful than I am. On each Tee Joint and on the 90 Degree Elbow Joint on top you will add a 12″ nipple and a floor flange to be the shelf supports. The flanges will be screwed into the wall. I recommend either lining this up with a stud or anchoring at least one of the screws in each flange.

The pipe is technically already black to start with but I find inconsistencies with the color due to the grease so we chose to finish ours with black enamel paint to make it really pop. I had the enamel paint as “optional” on the materials list but I really do recommend this for a cleaner finish. We already had black enamel paint at home so after we assembled the shelf sides Nick put two coats of enamel paint on it.

Nick is a WAY better spray painter than me. I much prefer painting with a brush.

Depending on the width you have to work with in your space you may or may not have to cut the stair riser down. We cut ours down to 38″ across to accommodate our space.

I love that this fills all of the available space for this wall. It truly was custom-made for it and visually it makes more of an impact.

Something I am learning with decorating – Bigger. Is. Always. Better. Having one big item looks cleaner and better in a space than a lot of little items. I kept that in mind for shelf and wall decor in this room as well.

The items on this shelf don’t just look cute – they are also serving as storage for things I need to keep close at hand. The main leashes used for each dog hang on the dog butt hooks on the wall (aren’t those funny? Those were a Home Goods find we couldn’t pass up!) but we have extra leashes and I have a waist leash that I use when I run with Liam so those are stashed in the bone shaped basket on the shelf.

My IAMS tins ($2 each at a resale shop! Such an amazing score) house other supplies – the one depicting the kids playing doctor holds monthly flea, tick and heartworm meds for the dogs. The other tin holds bandanas and other random costumes that I have for the pups.


Total Room Renovation Cost

Pine Stair Risers – $28
Black Pipe & Fittings – $114
Paint – $30
Total = $172

It is so amazing that a coat of paint (called Retro-Colonial Blue) and a DIY Industrial Shelf are all it takes to completely transform this room. I am so happy with how it turned out and how everything I need for the dogs is now so easy to find.

I hope this helps you to make your own Industrial Shelf! If you have any more questions on how we did it, please drop me a comment below!

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