DIY Laundry Room Renovation for $225

The laundry room is a room that I spend a LOT of time in – I’m sure you can relate. With two humans, 4 dogs, 2 cats and currently 3 rabbits on our farm there is always a load that is waiting to be done. Our new home had a fantastic space for a laundry room but I was using it more as a drop-zone for all of the clutter that accumulated with just a small path to the washer and dryer. I really wanted to fix the room up to make it both pretty and practical but after a year where we bought a house, sold a house AND got married, money is starting to get tight. I love a challenge so I decided to see how inexpensively I could fix up my laundry room and by scrimping where I could and allowing one splurge, I put together a room that I LOVE to be in for only $225!

Folding towels in style. 🙂

The first step in getting the laundry room going was to clear it out. Here are the embarrassing before photos…

Done being disgusted with me? I wish I could tell you that I cleaned through all of this as I removed it from the room but I really just piled it all in more organized piles with like items to go through at a later time. Clutter is my enemy and I am trying to eradicate it this year. One room at a time.

After I got the room all cleared out we ripped out the existing trim. Everywhere else in the house has wood trim but the laundry room and downstairs bathroom have white. I painted the trim in the downstairs bathroom when I painted that room over the summer but this trim for the laundry room I just couldn’t make work. However, we were able to salvage most of it and have enough of it to use in the bunny barn we are building! I will clean it up and then paint it when we paint the interior of the barn.

Dude, Liam, you need to move. We have trim to rip out…

After the trim came out it was time to paint! It was nice to not have to tape as much with that trim out of there. Since it was just me painting and I had some other things I also had to work on I painted the 2 coats it needed over 3 days.

Painting around those pipes was tricky and I decided to go ahead and paint the dryer vent pipe to blend it in to the wall after I realized that it was painted white and that the paint job was actually pretty shoddy. It was a bit of a bear to paint and I definitely hit my head very hard on the pipe sticking out of the back wall but I survived. I haven’t rung my bell like that in a while though!

The paint color I chose for the laundry room is called “Driftwood.” I actually picked the color for our main basement first and then went one shade lighter on the swatch for the laundry room and then I will use the same paint in my office. I didn’t want everything to be the same but I wanted to make sure it was in the same family.

Something that you will learn about me in my decor is that I don’t do white. I think that those white farmhouses have a very dreamy quality about them but I like to be surrounded by lots of color. A white house for me feels like I can’t touch anything because I will make it dirty (and trust me, I WILL make it dirty…and if it’s not me making it dirty it will be my dog Liam with his perpetually muddy paws – where did you find that mud, Liam?? The ground is FROZEN) but a house with warmer neutrals and color feels like a hug. Above all, my goal is for every room in my house to invite you in and make you want to stay around for a while.

We purchased and I stained the new trim boards and while Nick installed those for me I got to work on my next project – a cabinet.

I got the cabinet with countertop on Marketplace for just $20! Such a steal. This is it sitting in our last laundry room pre-renovation.

I actually bought this cabinet for our LAST laundry room but when we got the opportunity to purchase this house and I saw that it might fit my new laundry room I decided to move it with us and I’m so glad I did! Sure, it sat in the barn for 6 months before I finally dug it out but it is the perfect addition to my room. I knew I wanted a surface to fold clean laundry on and the cabinet gives me some added storage for extra cleaning supplies for the house.

I used the paint color “Patina Blue” which has been popping up in several spots in my home. Spoiler alert, you are going to see it a few more places too! Nick is also a big fan of the color – he couldn’t believe how great the cabinet looked when I was done painting it. To finish off the cabinet we had to buy new cabinet doors and hardware ($40 for the doors and $15 for the hardware). One of the drawers is a false front but I wanted it to look real so we added a handle to it as well.

That just leaves my splurge – the rug. But at $80 from Wayfair even the rug was a bit of a steal. A rug can really make a room and while I love the wall color and cabinet color, they needed something to really help them pop. Nick’s favorite color is orange so I try to throw that into the house in some unexpected places. It’s not generally my go-to color but when I moved in with Nick he had an orange accent wall and I grew to really love the color.

So here is the total for renovating the room:

  • Paint – $30
  • New Trim – $40
  • Cabinet & Countertop – $20
  • New Cabinet Doors – $40
  • Cabinet Hardware – $15
  • Rug – $80


The decor I used to finish off the room I didn’t include in the renovation cost as it is a complete room without these items. However, I’m a thrifty gal and didn’t spend much on decor either. The large jars are from Dollar General and one is filled with the wool dryer balls that I am switching to for a no waste laundry solution and the vintage clothespins I collected from garage sales and flea markets. The larger washboard came from a garage sale and the smaller one from a thrift store. The letterboard Nick and I have had for a long time, I think it came from Gordman’s before it closed. He actually proposed to me using that letterboard…

Isn’t he the cutest?

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