2021 Goal-Setting – A Peek At What’s In Store For Me

It’s funny to me that one of my goals is to start to develop this blog into an educational resource about starting a farm and I start with a post about me and my own goals. But, I feel that the best way to actually ACHIEVE goals is to share them and then check back in to see how things are going. So here I am, a week into the New Year, ready to share what I plan to work on this year.

I spent a lot of time thinking about goals for this year. In 2020, as with many other people, my goals went a little…wonky. I started on one path that was then derailed and I never quite got my footing back. But, all in all, 2020 was a good year for me. Nick and I bought our dream property on 10 acres of mostly woods and we got married. Those are two extremely huge milestones for us and I refuse to let a weird year take that away from me.

We pulled off an at-home wedding in our barn with close friends and family. It was so much fun and definitely a memorable day.

But I did get a little off track with what I want to do with my life and what I’m “meant to do” and all of that…and, spoiler alert, I still don’t know for sure. A few weeks of introspection doesn’t automatically give me a clear view of my future but I definitely have a slightly clearer roadmap for where I want to try to head in 2021. Knowing full well, of course, that anything can happen and I have to be flexible.

I divided my goals into 4 Sections: Personal, Career, Financial, and Hobby


Main goal: Get back in shape/feel better

Tangible goals:

  • Lose 15 – 20 pounds
    • For the first time ever I actually have a weight loss goal for the new year. I am not generally somebody who is super worried about the number on the scale but I can’t ignore anymore that I weigh 30 pounds more than when I was at my fittest (and when most of my clothes fit comfortably) and that I don’t feel good anymore. I clearly need to make a change in regards to my health and the easiest way to make that goal trackable is to add a weight loss element to it.
  • Run/Walk/Hike 2,021 Miles in 2021
    • I tried this a couple of years ago with just running and I couldn’t handle the mileage but I think that making an effort to walk more couple with rekindling my love of double-digit hikes that this should be an incredibly attainable goal. I want to reconnect with nature this year as in the past that has been a huge part of how I self-reflected and kept my perspective.
  • Bike 1,000 Miles in 2021
    • I received a bike for Christmas in 2019 and I LOVE it. Before we moved I was riding it constantly but after we moved I lost that momentum and never did pick it back up on the country roads (I was used to riding on a protected trail). This year I want to really embrace my bike and put on some miles in the country!


Main goal: Make a living working mostly from home.

Tangible goal:

  • Earn average of $1500 per month.
    • This could be from freelancing, picking up some part time work at a local business, selling items as I declutter my home and any potential profit from my new farm business. This number is what I determined I need to make to help our family reach our financial goals.


Main goal: Get into a comfortable financial position.

Tangible goals:

  • Eliminate Credit Card Debt
  • Max out Roth IRA Investment
  • Increase joint savings account


Main Goal: Spend time doing things I enjoy/expanding my skills

Tangible Goals:

  • Achieve Apprentice Beekeeper rank in Midwest Master Beekeeper Program
  • Achieve 1 new title (minimum) with each dog – event of choice
  • Earn a blue ribbon at HOI Fair & State Fair for cross-stitch (if these events take place)
  • 2 Photoshoots (minimum) per month to hone camera & editing skills

Comet with his rally ribbons and Rusty with his trick dog ribbon – they are so proud! Liam hasn’t achieved anything…yet.


In addition to these goals that I wasn’t really able to make more tangible is my sincere desire to live a more minimalist and low waste existence. I have so much more to say on that topic though that I best leave it for another blog post. 😊

Now tell me, do we have any goals in common? What kinds of plans are you putting in place to achieve your goals? I would love to talk about all things goal-setting with you!

P.S. Please be patient with me as I make changes to the website. When I initially started this website/blog my goals were a little different so I am trying to work on the best format to fit my vision going forward.

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