Vision 2020: April Goals Update

Well, it certainly feels like everything is at a standstill lately, doesn’t it? In April it almost literally was as all events were cancelled and stores/restaurants closed. May is looking to be similar with closures still in effect and many people still sheltering in place. In some ways I got a lot of stuff done in April but when I look at my major goals for the year I realize that I really haven’t made much forward progress at all.

But that’s okay. We need to give ourselves a little grace during this time. Nothing like this has happened to us before and we are so used to instant gratification and convenience. It is tough to adapt sometimes but I am choosing an attitude of gratitude (teehee, that rhymed) and I am going to focus on being grateful that my immediate family is healthy and that I have enough food and more than enough hobbies to keep me well fed and busy. I hope you all are able to find the good in the situation. I truly feel that it is better than putting all of our focus on the bad and bringing ourselves down.

This life is a difficult riddle
For how many people we see
With faces as long as a fiddle
That ought to be shining with glee.
I am sure in this world there are plenty
Of good things enough for us all,
And yet there’s not one out of twenty
But thinks that his share is too small.

Then what is the use of repining,
For where there’s a will, there’s a way,
And tomorrow the sun may be shining,
Although it is cloudy today.

Do you think that by sitting and sighing
You’ll ever obtain all you want?
It’s cowards alone that are crying
And foolishly saying, ‘I can’t!’
It’s only by plodding and striving
And laboring up the steep hill
Of life, that you’ll ever be thriving,
Which you’ll do if you’ve only the will.

Laura Ingalls Wilder, The Long Winter

Goals Check-In



I only finished 1 book in April. I majorly slacked. But already in May I have finished 3 so I am well on my way to the goal of 32. I only have to do 2 books per month to hit 32 or 5 books per month to reach my stretch goal of 52! I’m still holding out hope that I can get to that 52 number.

  1. By the Shores of Silver Lake by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Weight Loss


I am still at a major plateau with this. It is frustrating. I lost that 4 pounds and that’s about where I’m sitting right now. I really don’t know what to do at this point other than keep trying. At this point I would be happy losing just 10 pounds instead of the 24 I initially started out wanting to lose. I think as the weather continues to get nice I will definitely ride my bike more so hopefully that helps. This past Saturday I rode over 11 miles (my Garmin died so not sure exactly how far…) and it felt really good. And I saw some beautiful sights.



I always reinforce my dogs good behavior and work with them on small things here and there but we haven’t been really working on anything and it’s starting to show. Especially with the way that a bored Rusty has started counter surfing really badly again.

I did make sure to start the other day working with him on the “no/leave it” command by purposely leaving something he wanted in a place easily accessed by him. I told him no and definitely pushed past the point of where he normally would have just snagged the food off my plate but he was a very good boy. He showed signs of desperately wanting the food but I could see his internal struggle where he also knew that he was not supposed to and for once, reason won out in him. He was rewarded heavily for this (but not with the pizza on my plate – with a high value treat instead).



This is the only goal that I feel I made good forward momentum on. My two hives are up and running! You can read all about my experience here. I checked the hive last week and both queens are laying and the bees are working hard to build out the brood box. It really is amazing watching these ladies in action. I could watch it all day! I’m already ready for a time when I have more hives!!

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