Easy $5 DIY Bird and Bee Bath

I absolutely LOVE birds. I can spend hours sitting outside listening to them and watching them and they are some of my favorite subjects to photograph (my dogs might eke out just ahead of them on my list). Last year I set up a bird feeder area in front of my house and it looked really cute… at first.

My bird feeder area in 2019.

See the issue?

I thought the flowers were cute there but birds are super messy eaters and tend to drop a lot of seed. Between squirrels messing up some of my flowers trying to get the discarded seeds and the seeds that germinated resulting in weeds, my cute little flower display didn’t quite stay cute…

So I wanted to do something different with it this year. After I pulled out all of the flowers my bird feeder was just kind of this pole in the middle of my front yard. I wanted to make it an actual landscape feature. And I really wanted to add a bird and bee bath so that all of my friends had a safe place to drink from.

I have found myself with a little extra time lately and Nick has even been home this week so last night we decided to knock this project off our list. All told, the area didn’t take us more than maybe 30 minutes to revamp start to finish.

My area before the revamp. I’m missing a bird feeder because a crazy wind blew it off the pole and it broke. 😦 I can and will repair it soon.

I marked out how far I wanted the circle to be dug and had Nick take care of that part for me. I could have done it myself but it is more fun to watch him work…

We had some edger from Wal-Mart that we had bought last year but I forget what it was for. Might have been for this area. I added an additional hook so that I can have 3 bird feeders in this area. Then we filled it in with river pebbles leftover from a different house project.

When I found a bird feeder shaped like a Mason Jar that was a no brainer…it absolutely HAD to come home with me!

Then it was time for my bird and bee bath!

This is exciting to me because this looks decently fancy but it really only cost me $5! I got the black iron plant stand from Mission Mart for $2. The plastic pot liners were 3 for $1 at Dollar General and I do have all of them stacked here to make it a little sturdier. Then I filled with with 3 bags of these colored stones from Dollar Tree.

A perfect bird/bee bath!

NOTE: It is really important when making bee baths that there be some sort of marbles, stones, or rocks present so that the bees (and butterflies for that matter) have a place to perch while drinking. Otherwise they might drown!

I have a collection of inappropriate gnomes so this display will probably grow to include a gnome and when my pollinator pots are ready I will definitely place one of them nearby as well so that my little bee and butterfly friends can have a feast as well as something to wash it down with!

This area just looks SO much better to me. Now it is time for me to clean out each of the flower beds little by little. I hope to have all of my beds prepped by the end of April so that when the temperatures hopefully level out in May they will be completely ready for me to plant!

I just love spring and all of the projects to keep me busy! Especially during a time that I am sheltering in place at home – my days are all so packed right now that really all I am is grateful for the time to get these projects complete. The only thing I have been sad about is that I haven’t been able to go to any thrift stores or flea markets. That has always been my escape and that is where I come across gems like the iron base I used for my bee/bird bath. Although, with everybody (in theory) having time to clean through their homes, I should come across quite the haul from thrift stores when this is all over!

What projects are you working on right now? I would love to hear about them! Especially outdoor projects – I could use some inspiration while I work on my plans for my other flower beds!

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