Vintage Breadbox Before and After

Before the shelter in place order went in place in Illinois I saw this amazing breadbox on VarageSale. Well, a breadbox with amazing potential at least. I am working on revamping my kitchen (and planning for my future farmhouse kitchen) with adorable vintage charm.

I have a great love of Fiestaware courtesy of my fiance who introduced me to it. Now I’m obsessed with the colors as well as the history of the company. I love that it came out in the Depression Era because the company decided that people needed something to cheer them up and they decided that colorful dinnerware was the way to do it. I love things that are both pretty and practical. I am downsizing on clutter and having extra items sitting around so when my personality can shine through with the items that I need to have around – dishes and towels – that is all the better for me!

Enter this breadbox. I have a dog who is quite the counter surfer. I have been looking for the right breadbox for a while so that we can stash not only bread but other food items inside and not worry about an overzealous and perpetually hungry mutt getting it.

He is so sweet sometimes but he will steal a cookie right from your hand…or the counter.

The main feature of this breadbox that grabbed my attention was the tin front. What I didn’t notice from the picture on the listing that was that the tin was painted. That was a surprise that I got when I picked the item up. But I knew that I could fix that so I still purchased the box. I just knew it would be perfect for me once I fixed it up.

I couldn’t wait and I jumped right into the project. First I took some nail polish remover to the paint on the tin. Nail polish remover contains acetone which is a great paint remover. Then Nick came in with a bottle of goof off and it was game on!

The paint easily came off the tin revealing the design. The tin is older so it has some imperfections. I considered getting some galvanized spray paint from a hardware store to restore it but by the end of the project I loved it for its imperfections.

Next was finding the right color. My favorite color is teal/aqua/turquoise – all shades. But since this is going in my kitchen I thought it would be best to try to match the turquoise Fiestaware shade. I pulled out my variety of paints to try to find the right one.

Since I was sheltering in place I either was going to have the right paint color or create it by adding white/black. I was NOT going to run out somewhere just to buy paint. I actually haven’t been out since last Saturday. Today I’m finally going to venture out to do a grocery run for myself and my parents.

Luckily it would seem that Americana paints Green Lagoon is a PERFECT match for Fiestaware Turquoise. I was so excited.

Over the course of a couple of days I painted each section of the breadbox. It had a sort of white-aqua rustic look going before but I wanted a clear bright color. It took about 3-4 coats and some sanding to get the clear color that I wanted but it was so worth it!

In total, this project cost me about $12 – including the cost of the breadbox and the bottle of paint. I did use the entire bottle on this because it was a bigger project that required several coats of paint.

But really, this is priceless to me. It is so perfect and I’m so excited for this to be in my kitchen. I even baked some Banana Bread to put in it!

This was so much fun. Turning a beautiful breadbox into something that I truly love for my kitchen.

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