2020 Goals: Goals Check-In

True confession: I have been avoiding writing this post. I so carefully set my goals in January and was excited to pursue them but February wasn’t quite what I imagined it would be.

I guess part of my thought (or maybe hoped?) that once I quit my full-time office job that I would automatically fall into a productive routine and my goals and plans for being my own boss (while also training dogs) would just fall into place.

But it doesn’t work like that.

I needed to decompress. If I could go back and do February over again I would be a little more gracious with myself. This is a huge life change and on the days when I was too tired to move and didn’t hustle the way that I expected myself to are completely normal. Instead of being angry with myself, I would go back and relish the rest time.

Because now it is over. March seems to have helped me bloom a bit. I don’t have my daily structure quite down yet but I am being a lot more productive. I’m planning a “launch” on Monday and I am even going to start to take the plunge and do some video tutorials for my blog which is wayyy out of my comfort zone. But I think seeing videos as I attempt to master these skills will be valuable. Even if things don’t always go right the first time.

I’m way more interested in being real than in trying to put forth my best face all the time. There are enough people out there who are editing their lives. I’m trying new things and with trial comes error. I’ll share it all.

I did at least make some forward progress in my goals, even if it wasn’t quite as much as I want.

Goals Check-In



I read 2 books in February. I am definitely still am on track for my goal of 32 books and I think I can still make up ground to reach my stretch goal of 52. I was spending a lot of time working on cross-stitch projects and not reaching for books as much. The 2 books I read were me working on re-reading the Little House series. I haven’t read the whole series since I was a kid (maybe teenager) so I’m excited to see what my perspective is all these years later!

  1. Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder
  2. Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Weight Loss


Well, I lost an additional pound and most importantly didn’t gain. It was still hard to get myself moving. I really am not enjoying going to the gym but running outside last weekend has me re-motivated.

Next week I am going to start a 5K training cycle. I’ve done longer distances in the past, yes but with time constraints this year I am going to do 3 5K cycles (each 8 weeks long) with the overall goal of PRing that distance by this fall. These will be fast workouts that will burn a lot of calories and hopefully help me tone up the way I want to! I love and miss running so this will add something I enjoy into my life while also being healthy for me.



Comet and I attended two more therapy dog events in February! We are at 3/10 that we need for him to get his first AKC title!

Comet is seriously the happiest dog when he gets to do therapy work!

Once again, weather permitted me doing too much with the boys by way of our goals but I have made great progress in my apprenticing as a dog trainer and am so excited to work with the boys more in March.



In February I attended a seminar on Natural Beekeeping that gave me SO MUCH amazing information that aligns with my values and the type of beekeeper that I want to be. I also attended a regular meeting of the beekeepers association I am a part of that had a talk by a commercial beekeeper which gave me another different perspective.

I absolutely love putting myself in situations where I can learn all I want to about a hobby that I am passionate about. I get to pick up my bees on April 18 and I am seriously almost counting the days until I am officially keeping my OWN bees! In fact, I’m looking at a WordPress tutorial right now to add a countdown clock to my sidebar…

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