The End of the Shopping Ban

I have officially decided to end the shopping ban a little early. I’m not doing this because it was too hard. On the contrary, it has become so easy for me to not spend.

They say that it takes 21 days to form a habit. I did the shopping ban for 4 months and it has become more than a habit, it has become a lifestyle. I needed to do the spending ban in order to get a better handle on where my money was going and what my spending triggers are.

Take today for example. I was planning a couple of errands, trying to justify them as necessary but when I really thought about it I realized that I was making up these errands to avoid what I had really planned to do today. Spring cleaning. I am desperately trying to get the house in order since I am working from home now and I am finding the clutter to be a really huge distraction when I sit down to try to work.

So instead of running errands and being tempted to spend money, I will be spending my day working on my house and turning it into the space that I need to nurture my creativity and productivity.

Would I do a Shopping Ban again?

Absolutely. This shopping ban taught me so much and made me realize just how frivolous I was being despite the fact that what I truly want is to simplify. I was allowing myself to be taken in by advertisements and I would go shopping out of boredom instead of necessity which wastes my time, my money and my gas (which in turn wastes my money).

I believe that this shopping ban is what allowed me to be comfortable taking the leap from the stability of a full-time office job to pursuing my own slightly non-traditional work path. I know that I don’t need much to be happy and survive.

What’s next?

Now I’m going full throttle ahead. I have some amazing ideas for the blog that I will now have the time to implement (including some ideas that terrify me a little but I have to try so I don’t wonder what if). I am completing a course online for a freelance venture. I am putting my craftiness to good use and will be setting up shop in a vendor booth at a few sales this spring. And, of course, I’m training dogs.

Thank you all for following my shopping ban and progress. I stopped posting my weekly updates a couple of weeks ago because I wasn’t inspired to write yet another post on how I spent money on groceries, gas and dog food. Instead, I am inspired to create meaningful content for this blog and Instagram (follow me if you haven’t already @hhflowerfarm – I post daily) and I am pursuing things that I am passionate about.

I am able to pursue my passions thanks to this shopping ban. 10/10, would do again in heartbeat (but I hope I have learned enough to not have to!)

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