Spending Ban Week #16: I Said Brrr, It’s Cold In Here!

We had our coldest day of the winter so far this week! I spent most of my week hunkered down at the house, although my spending report doesn’t really reflect that since I spent something every single day last week.

I also got a great start on some projects that I plan to put in my vendor booth this spring along with the plants that I am growing. It is very exciting to me to finally be finishing projects and seeing some of my creative vision come to life!

I wish I had more to report but you came here for the spending anyway, now didn’t you?


Shopping Ban Spending Report – Week 16

February 10 – February 16 – $324.16 Spent TOTAL

February 10 – Mission Mart – $5.98 – Dogs I spent a little more at Mission Mart on some things for flipping/crafting for my vendor booth but since those are business expenses I will not be reporting those here. I bought 2 Coleman water bottles that are going to be perfect for taking along with my pups this summer – they were practically brand new and I got 2 for the price of what 1 would be new in the store. I love thrifting.

February 11 – Gas $29.70

February 12 – ALDI $70.36 Groceries. We restocked our fridge and have been doing so much better at eating healthy this week!

February 13 – Chewy.com – $81.81 Dog food and Cat Food

February 14 – Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds $102.75 I ordered my garden seeds for the year. I’m so excited!

February 15 – Core Life Eatery – $20.06 I dragged Nick around thrifting with me so I treated him to lunch – he picked the healthy food place and it was surprisingly delicious and filling!

February 16 – Waitress $13.50 Drinks were on me when my sister and I went to go see the traveling production of Waitress. Fun way to spend a Sunday evening!


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