Spending Ban Week #15: Sick and Tired

So this was my first week of my “new life” and I’m realizing that I definitely need to get myself a little more structured. It doesn’t help that even though I started off the week feeling great I ended it getting sick. Again.

It has been a month now of one really nasty cold followed by a medical procedure that had me sidelined for 2-3 weeks and just as I was feeling normal from that – BOOM! Another different but equally nasty cold. I am so ready for my body to feel normal again. I am promising it that as soon as we heal I will treat it right.

Liam refusing to come inside from the snow.

I did get myself a big dry erase board so that I have something to do a “brain dump” onto. It’s been nice to get things off my mind and onto the board. Although I quickly ran out of space on the board…which just means that I really need to make sure that I get the little to-do items accomplished so I can erase them from the board and move something else onto it. I used to survive by lists everywhere but frankly, I’ve been losing my lists and I like the large visual representation of what needs to get done. It’s much harder to ignore.

Between wedding, new job, and my side hustles that are becoming income streams, I just have a lot on my mind. Maybe getting sick is my body’s way of telling me to chill out a bit.

Checking out some Hobby Lobby florals for my wedding. I am leaning towards a silk bouquet.

At least my days are filled with projects and things that I love. I look at my dry erase board and I’m excited to tackle it all.

If only I could feel better.

Shopping Ban Spending Report – Week 14

February 1 – February 9 – $214.50 Spent TOTAL

February 1 – $70.53 total spent

  • Two Sisters – $11.99 – Specific projects Some cross-stitch fabric, a couple of planters and a wooden toy to use as a pattern for Nick’s woodshop creations.
  • Hy-Vee $20.49 Groceries
  • Pizza Hut $22.13 Dinner for me and Nick.

February 2 – Zero Dollars Spent

February 3 – Zero Dollars Spent

February 4 – Wal-Mart – $31.41 – Dry Erase Board, Something for Wedding, and some groceries

February 5 – $65.23 Total Spent

  • Hobby Lobby – $50.67 Wedding – $14.94; Specific Projects 36.03
  • Avanti’s – $14.56 Lunch for me and Nick.

February 6 – Wal-Mart – $32.06 Ice Melt, Something for Wedding and some groceries

February 7 – $8.07 Total Spent

  • Treasureland Thrift Store – $2.00 Specific projects
  • Goodwill – $1.07 Specific projects
  • Wendy’s – $5.00 Dinner for myself. It was $4 something but I can’t find the receipt so I’ll round up.

February 8 – Zero Dollars Spent

February 9 – Wal-Mart $23.12 Vitamins/More Cold Medicine

Observations from this week: I REALLY need to make a big list and go to the grocery store and stock up. I bought little amounts of groceries multiple times. I also need to just treat my body better in general because I am sick and tired of being sick and tired!


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