EmBARKing On My Simple New Adventure

There is an older gentleman that I would pass in my car every morning on my way to work. Like clockwork, he was out for his morning walk. Rain or shine. Dressed for whatever the weather occasion may be. I imagine that he wakes up in the morning and has his bowl of oatmeal, maybe a cup of coffee or herbal tea and then gets dressed to go for his two mile jaunt around the neighborhood. It is a part of his morning routine and as a veteran (he wears a hat identifying him as such, so I didn’t imagine this detail) I imagine that this level of discipline is deeply ingrained in him.

I would smile when I saw him. His routine is comforting to me. I strive to have that level of discipline and routine in my own life. It is so simple. A healthy morning vigil that he keeps day after day.


My new routine is a question mark for me right now. What I do know is that with this sort of flexibility in my job, I am going to need a lot more discipline. If I don’t get things done, I won’t make money. If I don’t schedule appropriately, I could easily allow myself to be consumed by activities that are not furthering my goals.

I have been giving a lot of thought to what I imagine my “ideal day” to be. While I have a lot of projects that I want to do – dog training, the blog, reading, beekeeping, cooking, sewing, flipping furniture, learning homesteading skills, to name a few – I am in search of a slower, simpler life. The activities I seek all support my simple homestead vision. It is up to me to not let myself become consumed by “busyness” and in this action, I feel like I will get so much more done.

.12-17 shelf close up 3

I feel that by eliminating the “noise” of life I will help myself to find my simple. This morning I was up early, even though I didn’t have to be. Part of that was due to my fiance’s alarm but I had a pretty early alarm set anyway. I love mornings. I want to create a morning where I am not rushing. Where I do not feel stressed at the day ahead, but instead feel energized to take on my day.


This morning I got up, I put the kettle on and I stitched. Then I started a load of laundry and straightened a couple of things around the house. I did a mini training session with one of the dogs. I took a shower and now I’m sitting here writing this post. All before 9:30am. I did not turn the TV on this morning. I am instead letting myself sit with the silence. And it is peaceful.


Instead of feeling tired, I am ready to go after my dreams today. My opportunities are endless in this new life I am leading and I have never felt more content.


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