Spending Ban Week #14 & January 2020 Recap

I am so happy to report that January was my LOWEST SPENDING MONTH YET! This hasn’t even become something I am so much thinking about anymore, it is just my life.

The other day my mom and I went to look at some wedding dress patterns and decided to run into a couple of our favorite places and barely bought anything! Both of us. This spending ban has made me (and her) think about not just the money we are spending but the items we are bringing into our home. We are focused on simplifying this year and the spending ban is just a natural part of that. It has really been fantastic.

Here is the weekly spending report AND the monthly charts showing a few things.

Shopping Ban Spending Report – Week 14

January 27– January 31 – $183.55 Spent TOTAL

January 27 – $61.99 total spent

  • Disney+ – $6.99
  • Gas $32.98
  • Busy Corner $22.02 – I got the opportunity to ask 2 of my bridesmaids to please be in my wedding! Great to be able to eat with them and talk about wedding ideas.

January 28 – Dollar General $10.08 Groceries

January 29 – Target $30.59 Misc Essentials

January 30 – Amazon.com $61.93

  • $13.99 Stuff for Nick
  • $15.94 Beekeeping supplies
  • $27.99 Gardening supplies

January 31 – Target $22.97 Misc Essentials

January 2020 Spending Chart

Once again, dog stuff takes the cake for my spending. Having 4 dogs isn’t cheap. But they are so worth it!

Ttoal spending by month through January 2020

It’s really been great to see my overall spending trending down! I hope it continues this way because I feel like I can decrease this even further.


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