2020 Goals: January Check-In

Time to check in on goals progress!

Now, I just set these goals towards the end of the month but since I made goals in line with my passions and what I love to do, I have already started working towards some of these.



I read 4 books in January! I’m excited that this puts me on track for my stretch goal of 52 books this year since it’s about 1 book per week, but for now I will just be happy meeting my goal of 32 because my life will be getting very busy soon!

  1. Marley and Me by John Grogan – I’ve had this on my shelf for quite some time but I had never read it before. I’m so glad I did. A funny and heartwarming tale of the “world’s worst dog” and the family that loved him. At times it was like I was reading about Rusty though I am lucky that his craziness has waned a bit as he has aged – although just last week he did rip apart one of my hoodies that I accidentally left on the floor since there had been dog treats in there at one point.
  2. You by Caroline Kepnes – My sister lent me this book so I could get up on all the hype. Unpopular opinion: I actually didn’t like it much. Maybe part of it is the frenzy around it of women loving the character of Joe. He’s a psychopath and a murderer. That is NOT attractive. I watched the show on Netflix before I read the book and that didn’t change my opinion. I have the sequel Hidden Bodies that I will probably read but then again, maybe I don’t want to waste the time.
  3. Call of the Wild by Jack London – In preparation for the Harrison Ford movie coming out in February I made sure to read Call of the Wild. I’m pretty sure I read it in high school as well but I really didn’t remember the story much. Following the life of Buck, an extraordinary dog despite the horrible circumstances he lived in. Jack London has the most poetic way of writing. I really did enjoy that.
  4. A Big Little Life by Dean Koontz – Another dog memoir (definitely a theme this month…). Funny enough, I have actually never read a Dean Koontz novel before. This was a memoir of his smart and funny Golden Retriever named Trixie, but what really struck me in this book was actually the simple and sweet life that he and his wife Gerda share. Hearing of their routine and of the work they shared together and how religiously they took their dog for a walk and played with her and got such joy out of the little things in life…I almost thought I was reading a book on minimalism. It was so inspiring to me at a time when I am embracing simplicity and searching for my own routine. The impact Trixie had on their life was incredible and the life that Dean and Gerda Koontz share is one to aspire to. I’m pretty sure I will be picking up some Dean Koontz novels this year.


Weight Loss


I lost 4 pounds! This is pretty significant considering I haven’t been able to work out due to some medical reasons. I will be able to start working out again soon and then I hope to see the numbers drop off the scale even faster!

I would really love to get to my first reward and get that kettlebell set so I can start working out at home instead of having to drive to the gym. I used to love the gym but with everything I want to accomplish, I just don’t feel it is an efficient use of my time anymore. I want to have an overall active and healthy life but that doesn’t mean I have to spend hours in the gym.




Comet and I attended our first Therapy Dog event in January which he absolutely loved. I started working with all of the dogs a little more but due to finishing up at my full-time job and the fact that a lot of our activities are for warm weather, I haven’t been able to plunge myself into my dog goals just yet.

Comet and I at the Therapy Dog Event



I taught my first beekeeper class! The club held a Beginner Beekeeper class and I taught the section about The Year of Beekeeping. This was AMAZING! I have given many presentations in the past but for the first time I was giving a presentation about something I was truly passionate about and I felt so good about it afterwards.

I also purchased 2 packages of bees and Nick and I started building my hives! This is the time to prepare for bee season so I am working diligently on my preparations.

Mark’s packages of bees that were installed April 2019


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