2020 Goal: Bees Please!

Time for a short but oh so sweet post (I would go so far to say it is as sweet as honey…) about my last goal – beekeeping!


Last year I got started with a hobby that I had talked about for years. Finally I woke up one day and was like “you know what, I’m tired of waiting!” So I sought out a local beekeeping club and latched myself onto a mentor, Mark, to start learning all I could about keeping bees.


I helped Mark with his hives all summer/fall while taking classes and reading books to prepare me to sit for an exam in my first level of the Midwest Master Beekeeper Program. I achieved the passing score on that exam on October 22, 2019 and am now a Certified Basic Beekeeper!

2020 will be dedicated to finally raising my OWN colonies of bees. I have purchased 2 packages that should be delivered sometime in April or May. Then the adventure will really begin as I work to keep them thriving!


As I do this I will also be working towards the next level in my certification – Certified Apprentice Beekeeper. That means I will continue to work with Mark (I’ll need his help on my own hives for sure!) and will continue to take classes and educate myself on a deeper level.

My eventual goal in becoming a Certified Master Beekeeper is to be able to teach classes and mentor other beekeepers. I will get to do this throughout all of the levels of my certification. But besides that, I want myself to be as educated as possible for the health and wellness of the bees that I keep. I take my job of caring for them very seriously and I am excited for this part of my homesteading journey.

My goal sheet to keep track of the requirements that I need to fulfill. I won’t be eligible to sit for the Apprentice Beekeeper exam until October this year.

My great grandfather Hobart kept bees – he got his first hive set up by finding a swarm and for years after his death bees stayed around his hives. I hope to have a long and successful beekeeping career.


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