Spending Ban Week #13: A Low Key Week

*scroll to bottom for Spending Report

This was really a low key week. My chosen area to declutter was magazines which meant I got to kind of take it easy and work through each magazine in turn, tearing out the articles and pictures that I wanted to keep and throwing the rest into a box.

A cup of tea and a pile of magazines…not the worst decluttering task to have.

It was amazing how easily I was able to downsize these magazines and I’m also going to be cancelling my subscriptions to them. I only ever subscribe to magazines when there is a fantastic deal (generally I’m only spending a couple of bucks for a year) but I’m finding that while they may not be costing me much money but they are costing me dearly in time.

I mean, I just spent a week cleaning through them and catching up with them! I definitely will not be renewing any subscriptions for now (except for Country Living…that one is my favorite). I will also be going through magazines as soon as I get them. I will read through them and then decide what to keep and move the magazine along immediately instead of waiting until it is a huge chore that takes me hours to take care of.

Liam dozing off after watching me go through magazine after magazine instead of playing with him. 😦 One of my main “whys” for decluttering…

Seems like a small area, I know, but overall it was a HUGE weight lifted off me to finally go through all of these magazines.

Now to find somebody to take the excess…

My “get rid of” box is overflowing with magazines!


Shopping Ban Spending Report – Week 13

January 20– January 26 – $155.08 Spent TOTAL

January 20 – Hope Chest $57.00

  • Side Hustle $47.40 Nick and I are kind of starting a little side hustle (more to come on that I’m sure) and I found a couple of items for it.
  • Dog Stuff $7.00 They had BRAND NEW collars and leashes starting at 99 cents! Too great of a deal to pass up considering how hard our dogs are on their collars.
  • Wedding Stuff $2.60 I’m working on some decoration ideas. My plan is for the entire wedding to be thrifted or DIY.
  • Project $1.00

January 21 – Zero Dollars Spent

January 22 – Church Mouse $20.00 I hit the mother-load of hard to find cross-stitch fabric! One piece being a piece of orange Aida cloth that I have been searching for the perfect shade of!

January 23 – Chewy.com $63.45 Dog food

January 24 – Zero Dollars Spent

January 25 – Zero Dollars Spent

January 26 – $14.63 Total Spent at Flea Markets/Vendor Shop

  • Wedding Stuff $3.00
  • Kitchen/Project Stuff $7.00
  • Dog Stuff $4.63


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