2020 Goal: Lose 24 Pounds

I have never been one to focus on the number on the scale but it is undeniable that over the last couple of years I have gained more than 25 pounds as a result of stress, a sedentary desk job and injury.

My doctor even mentioned at my December appointment how for my height I was carrying a little too much extra in my middle – the “stress zone” – and because of where I was carrying it, it was a concern for my health.

It is time for me to make a change.

2016 was the last time that I felt like I was in great shape – I was around 130 pounds, I was running fast, I was living heavy, I was a Les Mills Instructor, I was working out ALL the time…I also injured myself and barely had time for any healthy relationships because I was so concerned with fitting my workouts in.

2016 Rebecca doing yoga while Rusty gave her a bath.

I struggle with balance sometimes and I definitely struggled with some self-esteem issues. When I arguably looked my best I was the most obsessive and self-conscious about it.

I really want to look my best – especially with my wedding coming up in November – so I want to give myself another chance to do this the right way.

Ideally I would like to lose 24 pounds to get back around 135 pounds. More importantly, I want to use the cooking skills I discovered last summer to make healthy, delicious, fulfilling meals. I want working out to be a fun, regular part of my morning – a way to set the tone for a good day of healthy choices instead of punishing myself for not being good enough.

Working with Rusty on agility in 2016 when I was in great shape. He was a little heavy…

My new job and schedule will help with this immensely. Instead of sitting at a desk all day I will be on my feet training dogs. I get some flexibility in my scheduling so instead of waking up and having to go straight to work I will get to wake up and work out before seeing my first clients of the day.

I also have my new bike that I got for Christmas so when spring comes I will be able to go for early morning bike rides which I was really loving when I did that in 2017 during my sabbatical.


I have also really loved having Liam as a running partner so I want to establish a more regular running schedule with him as weather allows.

liam chocolate turkey 2
Liam and I running the Thanksgiving race in 2019

This time around while weight loss may be my goal, I have time and a plan to make a lifestyle change in a way that will enhance my life – not completely overtake it. It will be a part of my day – not my only purpose for getting up.

I also set it up where I have incentives for reaching my different benchmarks. I have so much less interest in working out than I used to and have gotten used to filling my days with other activities so it is important for me to incentivize myself (we are going to call this “for a specific project” so it doesn’t break the spending ban, haha!)


Funny story is actually since the Spending Ban took away my want for new things I had a really hard time coming up with incentives. The kettlebell set would be very convenient so if I have a busy client-filled day I don’t have to drive all the way to the gym for a workout and can do a quick 20 minute fat burning workout right at home. The hydration vest I have coveted for quite some time and since I run with Liam on a waist leash would be easier than trying to wear multiple belts.

I am very excited to tackle this goal as a way to have a healthy and balanced life.

2020 is my year! šŸ™‚


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