Spending Ban Week #12: Spending Less and Owning Less

*scroll to bottom for Spending Report

One of the most eye opening things for me since I have started the Spending Ban is how easy decluttering has gone along with it. By challenging myself to only spend money on essential items, I am realizing how much I am surrounded by the non-essential.

It’s actually driving me a little crazy.

Nick and I are tackling the stuff in our house in a big way this year and I’m trying to focus on just one area at a time and thoroughly decluttering it since I tend to be a little all over the place with my cleaning tasks.

I spent about a week and a half on clothing and I’m AMAZED at how I was able to fill an entire large box of clothing to get rid of. It helps that I am leaving a professional job and with it, a good portion of my professional wardrobe is getting downsized. I don’t want to keep a bunch of things in my closet that I am not using.

Sadly, when I took my mostly name brand wardrobe to Clothes Mentor they took NONE of it. I find myself increasingly frustrated with them as I am providing items that are in better condition than what I am finding on their hangers so I’m not quite sure what it is that they are looking for. So instead, I will be trying to sell some of my nicer items separately and then might bundle some together to sell as well.

I will get around to listing the items soon (probably when I’m done working my full-time job and can dedicate a morning to getting nice pictures of the items in good light) but for now I am so excited that everything fits nicer in my closet. As I get more into blog mode (also, after my full-time job is done) I plan to post more about how I decluttered and decided what to keep and what to get rid of.

Until then, here’s my spending report!

Shopping Ban Spending Report – Week 12

January 13– January 19 – $199.84 Spent TOTAL

January 13 – ALDI $80.45 Groceries for me and Nick. We are now #sweatingforthewedding so we need some healthy foods!

January 14 – Gas $33.40

January 15 – Zero Dollars Spent

January 16 – $44.29 total spent

  • Jersey Mike’s – $24.29 Lunch for me and Nick after we checked out our wedding venue!!
  • Peoria Humane Society – $20.00 This was a check I wrote for a shirt to wear while Comet and I do Therapy Dog events that I forgot about until it cleared. Since I didn’t report it earlier, I’m reporting it on the day it cleared!

    Comet is such a proud Therapy Dog.

January 17 – $41.70 total spent

  • Planet Fitness $22.04 Monthly membership fee. Should be used much more between now and wedding time.
  • Walgreens $19.66 I got a super nasty cold and had to go to Walgreens for meds to feel better.

January 18 – Zero Dollars Spent

January 19 – Zero Dollars Spent 


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