Spending Ban Week #11: Year of Changes

Super exciting end to the 11th week of my spending ban – Nick proposed! We plan to get married this fall so we have pretty well plunged right into wedding planning!


It goes without saying that wedding expenses are all APPROVED and they will not be reported as part of my weekly spending report. I will, however, post about it all at the end of the planning as I intend to make this a very thrifty wedding.


First, we have to secure a venue! Wish us luck!


I knew that 2020 was going to be a wonderful year for me but I had no idea how wonderful. I get to pursue my passion as a job and my best friend is going to become my husband (weird to say those words…) I wonder what else 2020 has in store for me since all of this has happened barely 2 weeks into the year!

Shopping Ban Spending Report – Week 11

January 6 – January 12 – $87.48 Spent TOTAL

January 6 – Zero Dollars Spent

January 7 – $13.62 total spent

  • Dollar General – $7.63 A couple of grocery items to tide us over until our next big shopping trip.
  • Hulu+ – $5.99 We still need to finish the new season of Letterkenny. Then I plan to cancel because there is not much else we watch on there and even $6 a month makes a difference to a budget.

January 8 – Zero Dollars Spent

January 9 – $73.86 total spent

  • Target – $65.97

    • $29.97 on seamless sports bras – I don’t want to wear regular bras when I’m working with dogs so I’m calling this part of my new work “uniform” that I’m creating for myself.
    • $11.33 House Stuff (specific projects) I found a box full of jewel cases for CDs that hold pictures, computer programs, etc. I don’t want to get rid of the CDs but in the interest of better and safer storage I’m going to put them in the zip up CD holder and get rid of all of the jewel cases. This is part of my house organizing project on the Approved List (specific projects).
    • $4.84 Grocery
    • $8.99 Dog Stuff I found a new collar for Rusty! All of the grommets have fallen out of his and it is super ratty so he needed a new one.
    • $10.84 Toiletries
  • Taco Bell – $7.89 

January 10 – Zero Dollars Spent

January 11 – Zero Dollars Spent

January 12 – Zero Dollars Spent *but I got ENGAGED!! 🙂


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