Spending Ban Week #10 – New Year, New Opportunities

*Scroll to bottom for spending report

I have been posting the bare minimum lately as far as my journey is going. And no, that’s not meant to be a part of my minimalist journey – I’ve just been enjoying the holidays and also working out the next step in my life.

I am excited to announce on here first that I am going to be a professional dog trainer! I am so excited to begin this journey towards something that I am so passionate about and incredibly grateful for the trainer that is giving me a chance to join his team. As of January 31st, I will no longer be at my full-time job as a business manager, I will be going all in on learning and growing as a dog trainer/handler.

Yes, it is a scary leap to go from the traditional 9-to-5 that I have been used to for the last 10+ years of my life but it has become increasingly apparent to me that I am not made for a 9-to-5 life. I need to move.

A bonus is that my pups will majorly benefit from this as well! I am going to be training Liam to be my demonstration dog, which means that he will get to come to work with me!

Liam has a little polishing to do on his obedience before he is ready to come to work with me but I am so excited to get to spend more time during the day with this silly boy!

I may train tricks classes as well which means that’s an opportunity for Rusty to come to work with me and I am just getting started with Comet’s journey as a Certified Therapy Dog – the more flexible schedule that I will have as a dog trainer will open up even more opportunities for us to visit facilities during the day!

Doesn’t Comet look majestic in this photo?

I am also excited about the flexibility this will give me as I get more involved with beekeeping this spring/summer and my garden. Nick and I have also begun downsizing our clutter – our goal is to touch every item in our house! I’m not sure if that will all be in January but we will continue to strive towards that.

Totally unrelated, but I started taking pictures from the same angle of this cute little tree in our front yard just off our deck. I love the changing seasons!

I also want to have more time for this blog. To add more content other than simply my spending reports. I was a little lost at the end of December thinking about making and sharing my 2020 goals because my life felt a little up in the air. Now I am seeing it take shape and I am incredibly excited to share some goals. I plan to do a series of goals posts highlighting each area that I am going to work on in 2020. Nobody said all of your goals absolutely HAD to be set by January 1, right?? I think February 1 is going to be my true “New Year.”



Shopping Ban Spending Report – Week 10

January 1 – January 5 – $174.21 Spent TOTAL

January 1 – Zero Dollars Spent

January 2 – Zero Dollars Spent

January 3 – Zero Dollars Spent

January 4 – $103.38 total spent

  • Movie Theater – Little Women $10 I went to the movies with my sister to see Little Women. Great cast in this movie and overall good movie.
  • Mission Mart – $9.07 My new opportunity means that I get to wear jeans for work every day! I am giving myself a small budget to thrift some casual clothes but the trade-off is that I need to clean through my current closet and downsize some items.
  • Kroger – $27.20  Groceries
  • Chewy.com – $57.11 Dog Food

January 5 – DSW $70.83 – So “black shoes for work” does appear on the Approved List. Granted, what I bought (a pair of black New Balance sneakers) isn’t exactly what I was thinking at the time of the original list but they are still black shoes and they are still for work. I wanted a pair of sneakers that look decent but can just be my dog training shoes. I’m going to be wearing shirts that have the name of the training business on them every time I’m working so that simplifies my wardrobe SO MUCH. Jeans, Training Shirt, Black Sneakers. I am so excited for the opportunity that this is going to give me to downsize my wardrobe even further!


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