December 2019 Spending Ban and Goals Recap

Overall, I definitely spent more in December due to the holiday. I had some bigger gift expenses. Next year I will likely start even earlier with gift ideas and have a set budget – something that I didn’t have this year.

My biggest spending area was Gifts followed by Dogs. Dogs is always going to be a significant expense for me, but especially due to the extra vet visit in December for Comet’s poor allergies. Some items on my approved list I didn’t even have to spend any money on in December such as Toiletries and Beekeeping.

December 2019 Spending Chart

I still spent less than before the spending ban began and I am definitely more thoughtful about the items I am considering purchasing.

Total spending by month through December 2019

I expect a significant drop in expenses in January as I am even more firm in my resolve to not only spend less, but also own less. I am starting January with another downsizing surge and I am (somewhat) renewed in my energy for it.

Short post today but really I just wanted to share my charts of where I landed in December. The spending ban is continuing on into 2020 and I am even considering stretching it all the way through the year as I have some big changes on the horizon and I need to make sure I am keeping my spending in check the entire way and not slipping back into any bad habits when it comes to my money.


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