Spending Ban Week #9 – My Amazing Christmas Gift

So I was completely surprised on Christmas day when Nick and his family revealed that they had bought me a new bike!


My bike was a cheap one that I had gotten on Craigslist and really isn’t the right size for me. I love riding but it is just a little uncomfortable for me. Now I have a beautiful bike that is the correct size for me.

BONUS – it appears that Comet is also a big fan of my bike as he took off down the driveway next to me. This got me thinking about getting an attachment for my bike so that my dogs can safely ride alongside me this spring. I just need to work with them more on their heeling to make sure that they can do it safely.

I am so excited for spring and summer – I will be putting a lot of miles in on this bike.

Shopping Ban Spending Report – Week 9

December 23 – December 29 – $135.54 Spent TOTAL

December 23 – $55.81 total spent

  • Chick Fil A –  $22.81 Lunch for me and Nick
  • Gas – $33.00

December 24 – Zero Dollars Spent

December 25 – Zero Dollars Spent

December 26 – $56.18 total spent

  • Disney+ $6.99
  • Farm & Fleet – $49.19 $39 of this was a new shelf for the basement so I could set up my grow lights and plants in our back room and the other $10 was dog treats and a marked down set of dog fetch toys. Totally get why they are marked down…Loudest. Squeaker. Ever. But Bristol loves her new ball so much.
She even sleeps with it. It is the ONLY toy she wants right now.
My basement plant growing set up – it is really coming along!

December 27 – Rise of Skywalker – $5.50 Yep…went to a 3rd showing of this movie with my brother.

December 28 – Zero Dollars Spent

December 29 – Blues Game – $18.05 I got Nick tickets to the St. Louis Blues game for Christmas. We went down on Sunday and had a great time!

Nick and I at the Blues game – I’m not a Blues fan, I trend more towards Blackhawks but it was a lot of fun at my first ever NHL game.


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