Spending Ban Week #8

This week went by in a bit of blur. Lots of things to get done at work and the holidays coming up. I am now off work until January 2nd which is very exciting for me. I have some projects I want to tackle at home but first, a little bit of self care and time with my family for Christmas.

Self care Sunday is now a thing for both me and Comet, as he now needs regular baths in an attempt to control his allergies.

Comet’s medicine has to stay on for 10 minutes so that’s plenty of time for me to have a deep cleaning face mask!

Shopping Ban Spending Report – Week 8

December 16 – December 22 – $257.36 Spent TOTAL

December 16 – Chewy.com $63.45 Dog food

December 17 – Vet $134.90 Comet has chronic allergies and he had a bad flare up that I couldn’t get under control. We had to go to the vet for a steroid shot, a round of antibiotics and we also now have medicated shampoo for me to start giving him more regular baths.

Comet thought he should drive home from the vet…

December 18 – Zero Dollars Spent

December 19 – Rise of Skywalker Premiere $10.00 My favorite movie saga ever came to an end. We always have to see Star Wars movies on opening night.

Rusty debuted his new tag in honor of the movie.

December 20 – Dollar General $13.51 Groceries. Plus one gift item.

December 21 – $35.50 Total spent

  • Gift Card $25.00 My family does a gift card game on Christmas Eve – you put a gift card in and get one in return. It is a lot of fun.
  • Rise of Skywalker #2 Had to see it again on the Giant Screen at the Museum.

December 22 – Zero Dollars Spent


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