Spending Ban Week #7

This was overall not a very exciting week. I don’t have much by way of insights to post. I kept my spending in check. I might be starting to stretch my approved list meanings just a little bit so I am going to rein myself back in and be a little stricter in the coming weeks. December is definitely going to be a spendier month than November was but with Christmas that doesn’t surprise me. Prior to this spending ban I would have done WAY more damage than I have.

I made sugar cookies using my mom’s recipe and they turned out exactly like hers! I’m not sure what I expected…but it was nice to have my house smelling like my mom’s always did when I was growing up. And this didn’t cost me anything. 🙂

Shopping Ban Spending Report – Week 7

December 9 – December 15 – $194.68 Spent TOTAL

December 9 – Hulu+ $5.99 I was on a free trial of this but Nick and I discovered Letterkenny and it is SO FUNNY that we are keeping Hulu+ until Season 8 comes out at the end of the month and we get a chance to watch it. It’s a bargain at $5.99 and I got rid of Spotify last month which was more than that. Easy justification.

December 10 – Zero Dollars Spent

December 11 – $70.79 Spent

  • Petco $30.79 – stuff for the dogs
  • Gifts $40.00

December 12 – Post Office – $7.85 Postage to return an item I bought at the end of September but shouldn’t have. I decided that taking the loss in postage was still alright. I will recoup almost $30 of the original purchase price when it is refunded. One good thing about the shopping ban is that I am freeing myself from buyer’s remorse.

December 13 – $47.70 Spent

  • ALDI – $42.27 Groceries
  • Dollar Tree – $5.43 A couple of items for a party I threw on the 14th. A cookie platter and serving bowl and some more peppermints for my jar.

December 14 – Oil Change – $52.35 I also got my tires rotated and my turn signal light bulb replaced. Pretty good bargain.

December 15 – Expo Flea Market – $5.00 I got 3 postcards and a vintage field guide.20191216_062846.jpg

Accomplishments/Milestones This Week:

  • Nick and I paid off another one of our debts! That’s 2 down and 3 to go until we are completely debt free.


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