Spending Ban Week #6: Examining Cost Per Use of the Gym

*scroll down for Spending Report

My Approved Spending List includes a gym membership at $22.04 per month. I go to Planet Fitness and I’m the fancy membership that includes the tanning and massage beds. That is still an incredibly cheap gym membership.

Except that I used it two times in November. Which means it was $11.02 for each time I went and one of those times I ran on the treadmill for 20 minutes, stretched and left. So…that was really only kind of a workout.

Rusty says “Come on, Mom, get in better shape so we can hike more in 2020!”

Through this spending ban I am taking a closer look at my spending habits, of course, but I also want to be more aware of what I am actually using when I spend this money. I want to truly get my money’s worth of everything.

So for December I am going to try to get that cost per use down as low as I can! I also want to try to lose 5 pounds by Christmas. I  have put on 20 pounds in the past 2 and a half years and I’m not comfortable with that anymore. I plan to chip away at it little by little in a healthy and sustainable way.

Bristol, worn out after I made her workout. I wish I could have a dog’s balanced life – eat, poop regularly, play, sleep for the other 20 hours of the day. LOL

This first week has been really great. I have worked out 5 times (3 of those times being at the gym, 1 time running 3 miles outside and then a Pop-Up Bootcamp workout). Each of these workouts I kept to around an hour which doesn’t feel too intrusive on my schedule. I used to spend HOURS at the gym but that just isn’t my life anymore. I have other things I want to spend my time on but I still want to be healthy and feel like I’m in shape. I think I am starting to strike a really good balance.

My balance is also including a lot of reading (this is a fantastic series that I just discovered) and drinking wine. Liam also likes to drink wine.

And, as a bonus, I am already down 2 pounds from my initial weigh-in last Monday!

Here’s to a healthy and balanced life.

Shopping Ban Spending Report – Week 6

December 1 – December 8 – $532.17 Spent TOTAL

December 1 – Gas – $20 (Still waiting for my replacement credit card at this point so I had to prepay some more cash)

December 2 (Cyber Monday) – Zero Dollars Spent

December 3 – Taco Bell $7.89 We desperately need to go to the grocery store again.

December 4 – ALDI – $74.08 Groceries

December 5 – $359.05 Spent

This was a big spending day. I finished all but one thing for my Christmas shopping!

  • Gifts – $294.05 I will not be specific here because the people that I got them for read this blog. 🙂
  • Haircut – $65.00 Haircut 1 out of 3 allowed during the ban. I am growing my hair out but going in for regular trims to keep it really healthy. My hair is already so much healthier ever since I got rid of the blonde. I should be able to start spacing out the haircuts even further!

December 6 – Zero Dollars Spent

December 7 – Zero Dollars Spent

December 8 – $71.15 Spent

  • Pop-Up Bootcamp Workout Class – $5.00 45 minute workout + mimosas. Great deal!
  • Wendy’s – $16.25 Lunch for me and Nick
  • Dollar General – $4.34 I had everything for wrapping presents except for tape. And the cat stole my curling ribbon…
  • Gas – $35.31 FINALLY able to fully fill my tank now that I have a new credit card.
  • White Christmas – $10.25 This is my FAVORITE live action Christmas movie and it was playing on the Giant Screen at the museum. It was a must-attend for the Christmas season. The people behind us talked the ENTIRE movie though. It was really rude and definitely dampened the experience for me and my sister.

Accomplishments/Milestones This Week:

  • 3/8 Zero Spend days!
  • I completely avoided Cyber Monday!
  • I got all of my Christmas shopping done except for one thing (which is a gift card).
  • This week may have been almost as much as my entire November spending wise but it was all things to either better myself or give as gifts. To me, that is a big deal. I am not being swayed by random items for myself anymore.
  • My cost per use of the gym is currently at $7.35 which is already less than it was in November!
  • I have lost 2 pounds!

I am noticing so many positive changes that this spending ban is allowing me the time and energy to make in myself. I think that the healthy workout habit is going to be just one small piece of the puzzle as I start to set goals for 2020. I have a really good feeling about next year.



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