Spending Ban Week #5: Thanksgiving + Month 1 recap

Note: Scroll to bottom for spending reports

Thanksgiving is my all-time favorite holiday! I love being surrounded by food and family. And ever since Black Friday crept into Thursday, my family has not gone out shopping so the holiday truly is all about spending time together.

This Thanksgiving was a two-day affair for me. Day 1 (actual Thanksgiving) started with running a race with my family. Poor Nick is now part of a family who runs 5Ks on holidays.

The whole turkey crew

We then ate tons of food and played games at my parents house.

A toast to Thanksgiving!

Day 2 started with Comet’s debut with the Therapy Dog group in the Santa Parade! He was so proud and had such a good time.

He was so exhausted after that he fell asleep in the truck.

After the parade Nick and I went to his family’s house for even more delicious food and more games. By the evening I had a massive food baby and could barely move from the couch but I was so incredibly fulfilled.

Shopping Ban Spending Report – Week 5

November 25 – November 30 – $75.05 Spent TOTAL

November 25 – Zero Dollars Spent

November 26 – Disney+ – $6.99 Disney+ has been something I’ve been looking forward to all year. I LOVE The Mandolorian and there is so much other good content on the app that I can’t wait to check out. This is on the Approved List but in addition I also deleted something else that WAS on the Approved List that I decided I didn’t need – Spotify Premium. So I am saving myself another $10 a month!

November 27 – Gas – $20 Since my credit card was hacked last week, I had to use cash so I just prepaid $20 to help me get through until my new card arrives.

November 28 – Zero Dollars Spent

November 29 (Black Friday)– Zero Dollars Spent

November 30 – $48.06

  • Arby’s – $7.43 Yep, I technically broke the ban here since I’ve already met my allowed fast food purchases for November but I had a colossally bad morning and I just wanted it. So…yeah.
  • Target – $16.66 Gifts
  • Barnes & Noble – $17.43 This was for a new planner for 2020. With my freelancing and other commitments I want to make sure I keep everything straight.
  • Dollar Tree – $6.54 Gifts

Accomplishments/Milestones This Week:

  • 3/6 Zero Spend days!
  • I completely avoided Black Friday!

Overall Progress

Sometimes, I just like to see how things look overall.

Overall, I spent $853.91 in November. This is how it was spread out among the different categories.

I also have an approximate amount that I had spent in both September and October (although these totals do not include cash so they are lower than the actual) and I wanted to chart how my spending goes down. I imagine that it will steadily decline over the next couple of months as well as I did a stock up on toiletries and got most of the things that I needed for Christmas gifts as well!

I spent just over $600 LESS in November than I did in October. This is really excellent progress. I would definitely like to get this number even LOWER in the months ahead.

Thanks for tuning in to my first month of the spending ban! I will continue to update as I go for the rest of the ban. One month down – 5 months to go!

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