Spending Ban Week #4: Hacked

‘Tis the season for credit card fraud.

My credit card number was hacked over the weekend and used for a purchase at Amazon from an account that was not mine. I discovered it on my credit card account online Monday morning. As soon as I saw the charge I contacted Amazon where they confirmed that it was a business account and somebody named “Gracemarie” that was charging things using my card.

I called my credit union and got the card blocked right away but now I’m without the card for 7-10 business days. But, luckily I’m on a spending ban and not using it a ton right now anyway. But it is still an inconvenience.

The truly lucky thing is that I caught this before Gracemarie went on a big spending spree with it. Most people committing credit card fraud try a smaller purchase first to see if they get away with it before they charge a bunch more to the card. I monitor my accounts almost daily so I was able to catch this quickly.

Be safe out there and make sure that you trust the sites you are entering your card information into. I’m not sure which site compromised my card – it may not have even been Amazon. I am going to be doubling down on my account monitoring this holiday season though.

Shopping Ban Spending Report – Week 4

November 18 – November 24 – $189.95 Spent TOTAL

November 18 – $119.80 Spent

  • Chewy.com – $97.76 dog food
  • Planet Fitness – $22.04 monthly membership fee

November 19 – Zero Dollars Spent

November 20 – $22.21 Spent

  • Wendy’s – $9.21 No more fast food for me in November
  • Jersey Boys – $5.00 My sister Sara and I went to see Jersey Boys and had a glass of wine in the VIP section before the show. This is an experience so it is approved!
  • Pajama Pants – $8.00 Sara bought me some PJ pants from Old Navy on sale and they are awesome! I paid her back.

November 21 – $57.44 Spent

  • Movie – A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood – $9.00 Another experience and a fantastic movie starring my favorite actor!
  • Amazon – $10.99 packable backpack for me to use when Comet and I have therapy dog outings. I have a tote bag for him that I was using but it is extremely difficult to handle Comet with a tote bag falling off my shoulders.
  • Amazon – $24.35 finished off some gifts! So excited to be in such good shape before the holiday season even goes into full swing!
  • Amazon – $15.10 this was for a Christmas sweater for Comet to wear in the Santa parade to wear with all of the other therapy dogs but unfortunately the sizing was way off and this XL didn’t even fit him. I’m returning it and will look for a different one in a store this week. I did not include the $15.10 in this week’s total since I am getting refunded but I’m including it in the interest of full disclosure.
  • Alliance of Therapy Dogs – $13.10 I am so proud of Comet for having his therapy dog application accepted so I got him a bandana and a patch and then got a notecard and sticker for his scrapbook.

November 22– Zero Dollars Spent

November 23 – Zero Dollars Spent

November 24 – Expo Flea Market – $7.50

  • Project Materials – $3.50
  • Bee Pin – $4.00 – I have been looking for one for months. since I will be teaching beginning beekeeping classes I wanted something fun to wear! Considering this a beekeeping expense. 🙂

Accomplishments/Milestones This Week:

  • 3/7 Zero Spend days!
  • I felt pretty good about everything this week. Money doesn’t feel as tight, I am able to pay cash for everything and I still have money in my accounts.
  • I got paid for my first freelance writing gig! I have started to ghost write personal finance articles for online websites. This is a fun way to use all of the experience I have gained working in the finance industry and make a little extra money.