Shopping Ban Week #3: Payday Musings

Oftentimes on payday I only have money for what feels like a split second. My paycheck gets deposited and then I have to pay off whatever I charged to my credit card the previous 2 weeks – not realizing until the money leaves my checking account just how much damage I did.

My money tells me where it is going instead of the other way around.

I don’t have any pictures that go with this story so here’s the retrievers waiting for me to finish blow-drying my hair.

This paycheck was different. Since I started the spending ban I only had a couple of small things to pay off on my credit card (gas & groceries). The rest I had paid cash for. And, get this, I STILL HAD MONEY LEFT OVER.

Shocking, I know.

This paycheck I was able to make my contribution to mine and Nick’s joint savings account and a decent contribution to my own savings account and I still have money in my account for the essentials that may come up in the next 2 weeks.

I do have one addition to make to my approved purchase list. My black blazer has met its maker. This is a classic wardrobe staple that I hate to be without so I will be starting a search for its replacement.

I keep asking Nick for another dog. He finally got me one. 🙂

Shopping Ban Spending Report – Week 3

November 11 – November 17 – $111.85 Spent TOTAL

November 11 – Zero Dollars Spent

November 12 – $10.77 SpentCracker Barrel (Traveling for work – will be getting mileage reimbursement.)

November 13 – $21.35 Spent at Dollar Tree

  • Grocery – $3.00
  • Gifts – $13.00 I had the BEST LUCK getting things to round out some of my Christmas gifts.
  • Project Materials – $4.00 I’m not ready to divulge the specific project just yet but I assure you that these 4 items have a specific purpose.
  • Tax – $1.35…I’m only listing this because it drives me nuts when numbers don’t balance.

November 14 – $20.58 Spent

  • Dollar General – $5.79 $4.79 in Grocery (out of milk and a couple other items) and $1.00 for a project.
  • Poshmark – $14.79 Just like that, I found a blazer – just a couple of days after my other one died. Went with a charcoal gray one that I found on Poshmark. I always try to replace with second hand first.

November 15 – Zero Dollars Spent

November 16 – 59.15 Spent

  • Gas – $28.91
  • Mission Mart – $6.88 Found some items I needed for a project + $.50 for a gift.
  • Pizza Hut – $23.36 I was craving some pizza. Large stuffed crust pepperoni. It was delicious.

November 17 – Zero Dollars Spent

Accomplishments/Milestones This Week:

  • 3/7 Zero Spend days!
  • I had several other things that I saved on Poshmark that I was trying to justify needing for my wardobe and I said no to everything except for the blazer that I was replacing. Huge step!
  • I was INCREDIBLY stressed/upset most of the week but I didn’t turn to shopping. I wanted to, especially with clothes, but I reminded myself of my goals and I was able to stave off the spending. I did wallow a little more than I would have liked but I will get past that. At least I don’t have all of the remorse of spending money that I shouldn’t have. That makes it a little easier to forgive myself for a few days of not being productive.

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