Spending Ban Week 2 Recap: My Winter Coat Still Functions as a Coat

*for spending report scroll to bottom of post.

The temperatures plummeted this week on the prairie forcing me to dig out my winter coat.

Now, while I don’t love how cold it is all of a sudden, I do love this coat. I got it on sale from Old Navy last year and the shade of green is so pretty and it is SO cozy. It is probably my favorite winter coat that I have ever owned.

My coat and I out for a walk with Rusty last winter.

The very first time I wore it last year I ripped a hole in the sleeve. I was devastated. My beautiful special coat, ruined!

I took it to my mom to help me patch it and that did the trick for a while but due to the type of fabric it started to come undone again. I wore it for the last bit of winter and then just said that I would replace it next year since obviously I couldn’t wear a coat with a hole in it.

My coat and I at the Arch with Nick

Well, it’s next year.

I considered putting “new winter coat” on my approved shopping ban list.

But I don’t want a new coat. I still love THIS coat.

My coat and I at Mardi Gras with Nick

Plus, a small hole in the sleeve doesn’t prevent the coat from doing its job. It still keeps me warm. It is still the green color I love so much.

My coat and I winning second place in a photography contest

So what if there is a hole in the sleeve? Nobody is paying that close of attention to the sleeve of my coat (and if they are well…get a hobby). My winter coat still functions as a coat.

No replacement needed.

Shopping Ban Spending Report – Week 2

November 4 – November 10 – $223.96 Spent TOTAL

November 4 – Zero Dollars Spent

November 5 – Zero Dollars Spent

November 6 – Zero Dollars Spent (Almost convinced myself to get fast food for lunch out of laziness but want to save my 2x per month for when I am desperately craving a baconator…which happens.)

November 7 – $131.78 Spent

  • Alliance of Therapy Dogs – $40.00 Justification – Comet passed his final observation to become a Therapy Dog! Our first time at the assisted living facility he was a little unsure of himself and timid. This time (his second time there) he trotted down the hallway with his head held high and his tail wagging – he knew he was going to get some pets and make some people happy. Doing this with Comet is turning out to be a really rewarding experience. I’m excited to keep going with it! The $40 was our application fee to Alliance of Therapy Dogs. After this it will be $30 a year to maintain our membership. Approved purchase as it is a dog training expense.
  • Wal-Mart – $62.90 Justification – I am working on decluttering my library and the file cabinet I have in there doesn’t accommodate hanging files, which is what I prefer to keep myself organized. I scoured second hand places to see if I could find one but didn’t see one that fit my needs and due to the urgency with which I really want to get decluttered, since I found the perfect one at Wal-Mart for $55 I decided to go for it. I sold my old one for $10 so that helps to offset the cost. I also spent $3 on half price candy corn because I supply the candy corn and peanuts for my family’s Pre-Thanksgiving party. It is cheaper to wait until after Halloween to buy it. Approved purchases on both counts since one was part of a room project and one is food for an event.
  • Amazon – $28.88 Justification – I needed more hanging files for my file cabinet ($11.42 for a box of 25 files), a new leash for Comet since his is worn out ($9.99) and something that is part of the Christmas gifts I am doing this year for my niece and nephews ($6.50). All approved purchases.

November 8 – $13.87 spent

  • Post Office – $5.74 Justification – had to ship off Comet’s application (it had a lot of pages and went in a big envelope) and an item that I sold online as part of my decluttering efforts.
  • Wendy’s – $8.13 Justification – I was craving that Baconator and planned this. However, I did NOT get a soda with it as I didn’t want to break that part of my ban. I ordered sweet tea with my combo meal instead. Win! 🙂

November 9 – $78.31 spent

  • Jazzigen Haus K9 – $20 to evaluate Rusty for his first AKC Title – Novice Trick Dog (TKN). Approved as a dog training expense.
  • American Kennel Club (AKC) – $20 for Rusty’s TKN Title Application. Approved as a dog training expense.
  • Gas Station – $34.31 – my car needs gas to run…
  • Tomorrow’s Treasures – $4 for vintage 1941 postcard. I collect vintage postcards that feature dogs and this one really brought me joy. It may have “technically” broken the ban but I’m going to give myself some slack on this one. I sold $60 worth of stuff this week which included a GIANT box of clothes. I can have my postcard.

November 10 – Zero Dollars Spent

Accomplishments/Milestones This Week:

  • 4/7 Zero Spend days! That’s a majority of days not spending anything! And everything I bought had a very specific purpose.
  • I finally finished the process to get my library card. I LOVE the library and it felt so good to look up the number for a subject I want to research and just pick out a bunch of books.
  • I got a TON of stuff decluttered. As I said above, $60 worth of items sold and a lot more put in a donate box. I have more to list this week and plan to work diligently until Thanksgiving at which point I will either pack up what is left and put in the shed to try to sell again in spring or I will donate because I want to be present and enjoy the holiday season.

This week was a solid #2 (get it? poop jokes are always funny…) for my shopping ban! I am feeling more clarity with my possessions and with my spending triggers. I stopped myself on a few purchases. That felt really good to do.

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