Shopping Ban Week 1 Recap

Week 1 is a short week for the Ban but since I got paid this week there is always the chance that something significant can happen.


Shopping Ban Spending Report – Week 1

October 30 – November 3

October 30 – Zero Dollars Spent

October 31 – Kroger $129.50 total spent

  • Food – $91.53 Justification – I stuck completely to my list. everything was bought either on sale, I had a coupon, or both. Was also able to stock up on a couple of things. Nick and I take turns buying groceries for the house.
  • Cat Food/Cat Litter – $37.97 Justification – Kroger had a deal where you get $15 off $45 or more. These items from where I usually get my animal supplies would have cost me $48.17 – I saved $10.20! Extra litter won’t go bad and it is actually good to keep some in the car in the winter since it can melt ice.

November 1 – Wal-Mart $110.08 total spent

  • Food/Pantry Items – $35.54 Justification – had to get ziploc baggies in all sizes since running low. I would love to eventually be more sustainable and not use so many plastic baggies but I am just not there yet. One thing at a time.
  • Stuff for Nick – $22.47 Justification – He needed some items as well. We trade off who pays for what. He paid for us to go to the movies Saturday night which came to around the same total.
  • Gardening Supplies – $9.42 Justification – I got some indoor potting mix and some teal Hefty Solo cups to use to grow some of the indoor plant starts that I am currently propagating. This is a cheaper route than individual pots for every plant that I propagate. Gardening supplies are approved.
  • Ice Melt – $19.86 Justification – Because it snowed 4 inches on Halloween…
  • Toiletry Items – $12.76 Justification – While cleaning out my bathroom the other day I discovered I was running low on a few essentials. I picked them up at Wal-Mart. What I got: Nail Polish Remover, Tampons, Ponytail Holders, Tide to Go Pen, Dove Body Bar (recommendation from my sister-in-law to try), Face scrub and toothbrush holder. I will update my bathroom inventory accordingly.
  • Severe Headache Meds – $4.00 Justification – Last weekend I got my first ever migraine. It was horrific. My mom gave me these the day after and they made things feel better. Now I keep them on hand just in case another one starts to come on.
  • Multi Tool – $4.87 Justification – one of my projects is assembling various “kits” to help me be a little more prepared. This tool has a LOT of different tools all in one and Nick uses it at work currently and recommended it. It is now a part of my car kit.

November 2 – Zero Dollars Spent

Accomplishments/Milestones This Week:

  • Nick and I paid off our first debt since pooling our resources to achieve a debt free lifestyle! 1 down, 4 to go. Feels so good to finally start seeing our scrimping pay off. Now that I’m scrimping and saving even more we should be debt free by the end of 2020 – hopefully sooner!!
  • I was able to say NO to myself to more dog toys. I was going to get Comet a toy when we were at Petco for his therapy visit but I reminded myself that I need to pull out the sofa and get all of the toys that are currently buried under it. It will be like the toys are new all over again!
  • I know I’m only 4 days in but half of those days I didn’t spend ANY money! I’m hoping that more often than not, my days will be spend free now. 🙂

Thanks for tuning in this week! Time to tackle my first FULL week of the shopping ban. I’m feeling confident so far.

One thought on “Shopping Ban Week 1 Recap

  1. These are great insights–yes, tough work is often required to see what we are *really* trying to accomplish by spending. And still we are Enough.

    I once started a blog like this about dollars and cents spent & did not stay with it. I will be interested to see how your experience & writing about it evolves. I am rooting for you!!!


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