What Made the Cut: Bathroom Edition

I am in the midst of what I hope ends up being a ruthless round of decluttering. Nothing is safe, except for the dogs, the cat and my boyfriend.

I am kind of kidding but kind of not. It is not quite as cavalier as that statement makes it sound – I am carefully and methodically cleaning through different areas of my home in an attempt to make a difference on what items I am storing.

Do you ever think about that? Our homes are supposed to be living space NOT storage space yet we spend so much more time cleaning and organizing our possessions than we do actually USING them. At least, that is true for me.

Whenever I read a blog, I love when I can see what people’s real life looks like. No curated perfect pictures – real life. It is like you get a secret glimpse into somebody else’s life. That is what I am giving you here. And I’m going to start in the bathroom. The most private room of the house.

This is actually the easiest room for me to declutter which is why I started there. I do not find myself to be very emotionally attached to any of my bathroom items. It was easy for me to clean through, look at expiration dates and condense these items for better storage. I was surprised at how much I did have though. Most of these items fall under the “essentials” category and some of them I may not need to replace at ALL during the 6 months.

We will start in the shower.

SHOWER – 9 Items

Clearly, these are items I use daily which makes them mostly essential.

  1. 1 Shampoo and 1 Conditioner – large bulk bottles that I only have to replace like, once a year. Now that I cut my hair I use even less shampoo and conditioner. I also do not wash my hair every day.
  2. 1 bulk bottle of Jergen’s body wash – this is getting lower and I am considering the switch to a bar soap as it is better for the environment – any suggestions for bar soaps that don’t leave skin feeling super dry? That is my biggest complaint with bar soaps.
  3. 1 smaller bottle of Aveeno face wash – this is actually almost gone and is now on my list for Wal-Mart to replace.
  4. Bath & Body Works Body Wash – this was a gift and I love the smell. I sometimes use it when I take a bath or when I am showering before going somewhere special. Not an essential so I will not replace it when it is out but if I am gifted with more then I will happily take and use it! LOL
  5. Shave Cream
  6. 3 Razors – I know this seems extreme but one has a special blade for bikini zone and with my sensitive skin I require different blades.


MAKEUP BAG – 15 Items

I actually downsized quite a bit from my makeup bag. This decluttering and inventory session also gave me the opportunity to clean all of my makeup brushes and wipe down the inside of the bag, which was sorely needed.

  1. 1 Set of Eye Makeup brushes
  2. 1 Liquid Eyeliner – not essential but looks nice when I’m going out
  3. 3 Tubes of Mascara – this is excessive but I have 1 tube that is my brand of choice, 1 that I bought as a cheap $1 replacement when my luggage was lost and I didn’t want to look like a zombie all week at work and 1 was a freebie with purchase. I won’t buy any more mascara until all of these are gone (unless I really hate the freebie…then I will toss that one without using it all up.) Mascara is my essential makeup product.
  4. 2 Maybelline City Mini Eyeshadow Palettes – 1 Rooftop Bronze and 1 Matte About Town. I do not always wear eyeshadow but when I do in the summer I like the bronzes and fall/winter I like the mattes. These are not essential and I should not have to replace them at all during the ban.
  5. 1 Pencil Eyeliner – I generally like to wear a little eyeliner and mascara to work every day. I would consider this essential.
  6. 2 Eyeliner Sharpeners – these came in a package together which is why I have 2. I kept both. Essential for the Pencil Eyeliner.
  7. 1 Powder Foundation – this actually really needs to be replaced but I can’t remember the last time I wore it so I am holding out for now. I do not like wearing foundation of any kind. I usually just moisturize and go.
  8. 2 small NYC eyeshadow singles – not essential but I like them.
  9. 1 small Maybelline Color Molten Eyeshadow Palette – not essential but I like it.
  10. 1 EOS Chapstick – this is my bathroom chapstick. It is essential that I have chapstick in all areas of my life (bathroom, car, purse, desk at home, desk at work, coat pocket, kitchen junk drawer…) God forbid one of these chapsticks get misplaced. Then my car chapstick goes to work and my kitchen chapstick goes to the bathroom and I am just all out of sorts!


VANITY – 24 Items

  1. Jar of Homemade Body Lotion – essential
  2. Aveeno Positively Radiant Face Moisturizer – essential
  3. 1 package of Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towlettes. Yes, I have face wash in the shower but I like being able to remove my eye makeup with one of these. Maybe eventually I will just do face wash and will cut this out of my routine. But for now I consider this essential.
  4. Tampons – 1 full box. Do not try to sell me on the benefits of a menstrual cup. Just let me have my tampons. They are essential.
  5. 1 stick of deodorant – essential.
  6. Toothpaste – essential
  7. Toothbrush – essential
  8. Floss – essential
  9. Nail File
  10. Nail Clippers
  11. Tweezers X2
  12. 1 black big hair clip
  13. 1 brown big hair clip
  14. Container of Bobby Pins
  15. Hairspray
  16. Hairbrush
  17. Comb X2
  18. 2 small hair clips
  19. 1 Black Barrette
  20. Clear Mini Hair Bands
  21. Carabineer clip of hair elastics (actually running low because I keep snapping them so I need to buy some more – added to Wal-Mart list).


CLOSET – 2 Baskets

Basket number 1 – stockpile/ essential items – 20 Items

  1. Baby Powder
  2. Blow Dryer
  3. Straightener
  4. 3 Toothbrushes
  5. Always Ultra Thin Pads
  6. 2 cans of shave cream
  7. 1 stick of deodorant
  8. 8 Razors/Replacement blades
  9. Floss Threaders for permanent retainer
  10. Tooth picks

Basket number 2 – Self-Care Basket – 14 Items

This has become my “self-care” basket. Items I was gifted or have bought with the purpose of taking better care of myself and relaxing more. I still intend to try to do this but I can’t buy any more items like this until I use up what I have here.

  1. 1 Box Deep Cleansing Pore Strips
  2. 2 containers of L’Oreal Pure-clay Mask
  3. 1 Black Charcoal Peel off Mask
  4. 1 Refreshing sheet mask
  5. 1 Charcoal Clay bubble mask
  6. Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum
  7. 1 Box of Crest Whitening Strips
  8. Ion Color Intense Moisture Conditioner
  9. 2 bottles of nail polish – 1 clear and 1 neutral
  10. 1 Nail Polish Remover (almost out – added to Wal-Mart list)
  11. Cotton Rounds
  12. 1 Quart sized bag of all travel sized essentials ready to grab and pack – shampoo, condition, body wash, shave cream and toothpaste.

Item Grand Total = 82 Items

Wow. That seems like a lot. However, I want to make it clear that this tally is simply out of my own curiosity for how many items I have – I do not believe in any magic number of belongings and I am not even specifically trying to DOWN-size my life. I prefer to think of it as RIGHT-sizing.

The right number for me is not going to be the right number for somebody else.

That being said, I do have a goal that I will use some of this stuff up and maybe not replace it or not keep as much extra hanging around. I would love to just have one basket in the closet full of my things but for now 2 is fine and it fits comfortably.

I have not yet inventoried towels or anything else like that in my bathroom because earlier this year Nick and I remodeled the bathroom and we still have a few things to finish it up décor-wise. We will be adding trim around the room (board and batten is the plan). Matching towels is something that I would love to have as well and I will make sure to get the right number for us (whatever number we decide is right). I have already demoted several towels from our closet to dog/garage towels. I imagine several more may be demoted and/or donated in the next couple of months. Purchasing the new towels will be allowable since it is part of my room remodel and I will be getting rid of items to accommodate the new purchase.

The same goes for if I come across the right artwork for above the toilet. I have been searching flea markets and thrift stores for many months and still have not found the right piece.

I am not even sure what constitutes “right” when it comes to talking about art for the bathroom…

4 thoughts on “What Made the Cut: Bathroom Edition

  1. Wow! I LOVE the navy bathroom–that is gorgeous!!! Congrats on the accomplishments. Just dropped by from a Facebook group to wish you well on your commitments for November 1+… sounds like an exciting and inspiring project & I will be following. Happy 11/1/19!!!


  2. I’m moving to soap-free products – I have replaced my shampoo now and as the body wash etc runs out, I will replace with bars. I am lucky – went to a craft market and there was a lady from church who has very sensitive skin, so started making her own products and now has a business! Can I suggest you look for someone similar?


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