Keeping Dogs Safe in the Kitchen

So honestly I’m surprised it has taken me this long to write a post that involves my dogs. I like to refer to myself as a lovingly-involved dog mom but others may say that I’m a bit obsessed.

I have quite the pack of pups –

Brown Lab Mix – Rusty; Golden Retriever – Comet;
Husky – Liam; Dachshund – Bristol (Nick’s dog…the 3 big boys are mine)

My new cooking hobby has been very fun for me but it is important to remember that all of the good things that I bring in from the garden are not good for these food-motivated pups.

After a scare this week with having to rush Rusty to the emergency vet for getting into my gym bag and eating raisins (which can cause kidney failure in dogs), I decided that it would be a good idea to use this opportunity to educate people since many reached out after my Facebook post about the incident saying they had no idea about how toxic raisins were for dogs. Rusty is luckily okay as I got him to the vet within an hour of him eating the raisins and they were able to successfully induce vomiting.

Rusty coming down from the morphine they used to induce vomiting on Wednesday.

I grabbed some infographics off the internet here to share because they are a concise way to show the worst offenders in the kitchen for dogs. Some, like chocolate, are well known, but others you may not realize!

I got this graphic from this website which also has a great story diving into the details!

Something I want to point out from this list is Xylitol. This is generally an ingredient found in gum BUT some peanut butters also contain this in their ingredient list. It is important to always read ingredients before giving anything to your dog.

This list is similar to the first that I shared but it also includes poison control hotline numbers. If you suspect your dog has ingested something toxic and you are unable to get ahold of your vet these hotlines could mean life or death for your dog.

I have also undergone training in Pet First Aid and recommend attending these trainings but at the very least, get yourself a Pet First Aid kit that includes hydrogen peroxide, as this is a safe way to get your dog to vomit (and what I was prepared to do for Rusty if I hadn’t been able to get him into the vet immediately – I’m happy to pay for somebody else to deal with that mess!)

I found this DIY Pet First Aid Checklist on Farm & Fleet’s blog and find that it is a great comprehensive list of items that you should have on hand when you own animals.

It is also important with dogs to keep counters clear, have a lidded or completely hidden garbage can and to dog-proof cabinet doors if necessary. Rusty is a mastermind when it comes to getting things he wants. It is up to me to protect him by making these things completely inaccessible.

These boys are my LIFE! Keeping them safe is always a priority for me.

By now you’re probably wondering why you’re getting this post on a Friday instead of a CSA cooking post…it’s because I didn’t do any cooking this week. I was going to but got busy and then had the scare with Rusty where I was watching him and then re-dog proofing the kitchen. Next week I will be back with more yummy recipes, I promise! Nick is going to be away at a concert on Sunday making it the perfect day for me to have a cooking marathon. And I have LOTS of zucchini right now and some fantastic dessert recipes!!

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