Droopy Sunflower Birdfeeder

I LOVE birds. I have 2 bird feeders in my yard and when I finally have my farm I intend to set up a bird paradise with different types of feeders and bird baths. For now, I work with what I have and I put my cute bird feeders up in my yard where I can see them from the kitchen and dining room windows.

This picture is from when I initially set up my feeders.

I get a good amount of activity at these feeders.

Where am I going with this?

Well, I have some sunflowers that are super top heavy and droopy. They look pretty sad.

I decided to go ahead and cut this droopy one off and I tied it to my bird feeder pole to create a natural bird feeder for my Goldfinches (my all time favorite bird!)


This little visitor has been at my house every morning this week working his way through the head of the sunflower, getting all the seeds out.

The cutest thing was seeing him hang upside down to get the seeds! I took this picture through a window so it’s a little blurry, but still so adorable!

So there you have it, a 100% natural bird feeder to attract colorful birds to your yard made out of something that you have on hand from your garden.

And a bonus…this droopy sunflower happened to be the offender keeping my snapdragons from getting enough sun. Looks like they have been surviving under there and weren’t completely choked out like I thought they were. Maybe they will give me a late summer bloom now that they are getting the sunlight they need?

Here’s hoping.

What are your favorite birds? Have you found different feeders work better to attract them? Drop me a comment below!

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