Praying For Blooms

So, I decided to enter some of my flowers in the Heart of Illinois Fair this year (you can take the girl out of 4-H but you just can’t take the 4-H out of the girl). The fair is next week so I am at crunch time and I am spending my mornings staring at my flowers, willing them to bloom in time.

My gladiolus are SO CLOSE.

Ignore the weeds, I have had a heck of a time getting into the flower beds with the weather being what it has been – it’s either raining or sweltering.

Gladiolus just might be my favorite flower. Did you know that they are named for the gladiator’s sword and that they are said to send a message of strength and sincerity?

Well, I sincerely hope they bloom by next Thursday!

My marigolds have at least come up and should show well. This was them on June 29th. They are even bigger and more beautiful now.

I’m having severe 4-H Fair flashbacks. Showing things from your garden is always a little risky. You just never know if they are going to be ready in time or what kind of weather or other natural issues may befall your garden. At least in 4-H I knew I had one on one time with the judge to explain what I learned about my project and could usually salvage the blue ribbon, regardless of how the flowers actually looked. The HOI Fair is based purely on what my flowers look like!

I am both nervous and excited. I wish wildflowers were a category because my pollinator garden is looking fantastic!

Cross your fingers that my flowers bloom in time for the fair! I can’t wait to share about my overall experience in a couple of weeks when the fair is over.

I love having things to challenge me with my hobbies. Do you have any contests you like to enter? Comment below, I’d love to hear what you do!

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