Farmhouse Hobby Organization

They say a stitch in time saves nine…well, organized DMC floss saves time!

Alright, I know that was cheesy. But seriously I have all of these projects in mind right now but my DMC floss for my cross-stitch was all over the place and I couldn’t tell if I had the right colors for the patterns I had picked out. It was extremely frustrating and caused a lot of unneeded trips to Hobby Lobby to get more floss (and I really hate running errands).

I had these stickers from my mom:

I knew I wanted to use them in some way but I don’t have any desire to wind my skeins of thread around a piece of cardboard…what’s wrong with just having leaving them as is? There had to be an easier and less labor intensive way.

Plastic snack baggies! That way I can put all my scraps of thread in with the appropriate color to use for those times when I really only need to do a couple of stitches in a specific color but don’t want to waste a nice long piece of thread. I hate to let anything go to waste.

First I lined up all of my thread in order (this was done in several stages since I had so much). It started as piles and then turned into nice lines.

I put the little stickers in the corner of a snack sized bag and put all of the thread I had for that number into the bag. Sadly, I had purchased several duplicates. But at least now I have them all labeled.

Then I cut some foam core board to reinforce the organizers that came with the storage boxed I bought from Hobby Lobby. The photo boxes are the perfect size to sit on a bookshelf and hold the snack bags and, bonus, they are pretty!

This took a little bit of time but is so worth it. I am now able to quickly locate specific colors and I know which DMC colors I don’t have by glancing at what stickers are left on my sheet. I might just go ahead and get them all! That way I have everything imaginable on hand and I can just work on more projects like this:

Nothing is more relaxing to me than working on a cross-stitch picture with a snoring dog on my feet.

And it’s a really good thing that I got all of what I already had organized because over the weekend at a thrift score I scored this bin FULL of DMC for $10. After I inventory it all (might take me some time) I will let you know how much it was worth!

What hobbies do you have and how do you organize your supplies? I want to hear about it!

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