Cooking With My Community Share – Week #4

My number one takeaway from this week…making biscuits from scratch is NOT easy! It’s also pretty messy. The number two takeaway…bacon makes everything better.

Nick thinks he’s SO FUNNY putting a flour handprint on my booty. And Rusty is hanging out next to me hoping I drop something.

But, as promised, I have a couple of recipes for you this week! As a reminder, here is my rating system:

A = good/great recipe, will make again
B = okay recipe, will probably tweak slightly before making again or pass
C = FAIL. Gross recipe or gross vegetable
Best of Show = my favorite recipe from the week

And here is what was in my share –

What I Made:

Fresh Green/Purple Salad

CSA Ingredients Used: Purple Lettuce, Spinach, Green Lettuce (from CSA #3)

Yep, more salad. It’s early summer. It’s in season. It’s delicious. I am also alternating adding carrots and radishes to this salad. I divvyed up just the lettuce into Mason jars in the fridge (they keep up to 10 days in airtight jars) and then Nick and I can add what we want to the top. Other veggies, cheese, dressing, etc.

My lovely organized fridge with prepped salads ready to go for lunches. I also bag up all my grapes when I get them from the store to cut down on time packing lunches in the morning.

Garlic Scape & Sharp Cheddar Biscuits

CSA Ingredient Used: Garlic Scapes

I have never made biscuits from scratch before. Nick was my assistant and luckily we were able to pull it off. My best advice? Just keep right on following the instructions. They will get you there. I was doubting quite a bit when I had my hands covered in dough (it was one of the options for mixing since I don’t have a pastry blender).

My first batch looks a little weird. Combination of being unsure how to use a cup to cut them and the dough not being mixed quite enough. Second batch turned out pretty picture perfect. Both batches were equally delicious. I’m trying for perfection but I promise to always show you when I goof up too.

Mine didn’t turn out quite as fluffy as the blog pictures of the original recipe but they were DELICIOUS! I had never had garlic scapes before. They add just the right amount of garlic flavor without being overwhelming. Find the original recipe pinned on my Pinterest board here.

I shared these biscuits with a friend at work and my brother. Everybody gave them 2 thumbs up! Definitely a WINNER.

Bacon Wrapped Garlic Scapes

CSA Ingredient Used: Garlic Scapes

So yes, a lot of garlic this week. No vampires will be coming near me! I was just inspired by the recipes I was looking up. I would love to credit this recipe but I unfortunately all I have is a printed out recipe that I was given years ago and was tucked into one of my recipe books so I will share it here. It’s VERY simple.

Bacon Wrapped Garlic Scapes

10-12 Scapes, peeled and cut to about 6 inches
10-12 slices of bacon, chef’s choice (I used Appleton Farms from ALDI)

– After peeling the scapes, wrap with raw bacon
– Place in large skillet on medium heat
– Put lid over skillet while cooking to ensure the scapes get fully cooked
– Turn regularly until all sides of the bacon are browned
– Drain onto a paper towel
– EAT! 🙂

That’s all there is to it!

I love easy skillet recipes!

For real though, I think garlic scapes have been my favorite new thing so far in the CSA. Their flavor is INCREDIBLE. Rich flavor but not overpowering with the garlic.

What is your favorite fresh vegetable? Comment below and let me know!

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