Bittersweet Garden

So right before Christmas I moved my 3 dogs, 1 cat and self in with my boyfriend. This was quite the adjustment since I hadn’t lived with another human since 2010 and hadn’t shared a room with one since 2007 when my best friend Jenny and I shared a dorm room. Needless to say, I was pretty set in my ways and Nick had also been on his own for quite some time.

Where am I going with this?

I’m glad you asked. I was so busy being focused on our relationship and turning “his” house into “our” house that I totally dropped the ball on planning my garden as meticulously as I maybe would have liked to. So what I am going to show you here is the result of me going to plant sales and saying “hey this looks good” and planting a bunch of seeds that I got for free from Farm & Fleet because they were technically expired.

So here I will go back in time to May and the beginning of my “Bittersweet Garden” (named after our home…I’m not actually growing any bittersweet this year.)

I already knew that this was going to largely be a flower garden. Part of my dream is to have a flower farm where I will grow different varieties to make into bouquets for special events. For this year, I threw some seeds in the ground so I can see what I really like to grow and then I can expand from there.

Most of what I was doing was adding landscaping but Nick tilled out this little bed on the south-facing side of our house. It gets the best sunlight so I wasn’t so limited in what I could plant like I am in front of our house where it is largely shaded. Here you see Gladiolus (my favorite!), Cosmos, Snapdragons, Sunflowers, African Daisies, Bachelor’s Buttons, Lupine, Cupid’s Dart, Marigolds and I decided to try a couple of watermelon…I know that’s not flowers but it sounded tasty.

I’m *hoping* that I put these markers in the right place. I tried to keep everything in order when I was planting but these were actually put into place a week after I planted the garden initially since I was working last minute and I confused myself a little. Do not recommend.

These were super easy and turned out really cute. So far they seem to be holding up out in the garden as well.

That was everything I planted from seed on May 5th.

On May 4th I went to a plant sale and brought home this haul:

I planted everything in various places throughout the front 3 flower beds and then filled in one of the beds with wildflower seeds.

Woodland Poppies, Soloman Seal, Wild Ginger and Varigated Artemisia
Columbine and Soloman’s Seal
Wandering Jew and Dreyfus, my stone watchdog (a gift from friends when I left my credit union job)

I also decided to plant some herbs but due to their invasive nature I planted the herbs in terra cotta pots and then half buried the pots in my flower bed. It was cute and decorative while also being really practical.

I filled in some planters with plants from Lowe’s and Menards.

This gnome is my spirit animal…he still needs a name though. Any suggestions? Both the gnome and the terra cotta planter are garage sale finds.
Impatiens are the ultimate way to add color to shady areas. These are going to fill in beautifully! This galvanized tub was from Nick’s brother’s wedding a few years ago. It was sitting in his parents barn so they let us use it!
Nick won this planter at a fishing tournament. I was happy to plant it full of “leftover” petunias and salvia.

I also created this adorable bird feeder area. Bird watching is a favorite hobby of both mine and my cat Mordecai’s.

Some bright Marigolds added a cute touch to this area.

So that’s Bittersweet Garden as I planted it in May. It has changed quite a bit with the rains we’ve been having here so I will keep posting to update how things are progressing!

A question before I go – what are your favorite flowers to grow and why?

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